"We Will Not Rest Until We Find Those Involved"-President Goes To See Movie "Avatar"

Snorkler in chief takes in a movie, he and the family have entire theater reserved just for themselves..

The only way we'll hear from the President is if Dick Cheney makes another statement...

President Obama and his family are at Windward Mall this morning for a private viewing of the film "Avatar." A media pool report from Peter Baker of the New York Times said the first family left their vacation compound in Kailua shortly after 9.

The special screening of the digital 3-D version of "Avatar" was arranged before the first regular showing to minimize disruption for other moviegoers. One of the mall's nine theaters was reserved for the first family, but the rest are open to the public. Some stores are open, including Borders, where the media pool is waiting. Baker says other stores are closed and foot traffic is light
On National Security...Why Hurry?...