Taliban Claim Blast Killing Americans at CIA Base

The Obama Adm. calls this an Overseas Contingency Operation...

Associated Press
KABUL – The Taliban claimed responsibility Thursday for infiltrating a CIA base with a suicide bomber who got into a gym and set off an explosion that killed eight Americans and an Afghan. CIA employees were believed to be among the victims. Wednesday's assault on U.S. Forward Operating Base Chapman at the edge of Khost city in eastern Afghanistan was a blow to the CIA, which had previously lost only four operatives in this country since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

It came on a bloody day for NATO forces. A roadside bombing, also claimed by the Taliban, killed four Canadian troops and a Canadian journalist in southern Afghanistan. Elsewhere, police said militants beheaded six Afghans on Thursday for cooperating with government authorities.
Also Thursday, the United Nations said a preliminary investigation showed that a raid last weekend by foreign troops in a tense eastern Afghan province killed eight students. The attack sparked protests by Afghans against foreign troops.