Proof That The C-SPAN Caller Who Pranked Republican Sen. John Barrasso Was A Hoax (He's Called Twice Before)

Here is the original call caught by ThinkProgress to CSPAN earlier this week saying he "took Sen. Coburn's advice" and "prayed that Senator Byrd would die"...

The first red flag I instantly had was that he said he had a "small teabag group,"...No Tea Party protesters on the planet calls themselves a "tea bag group"...(He said he was from Georgia here)

This is what's called a "Seminar caller"...The same guy called CSPAN while Bill Kristol was a guest and ask him to apologize for the Iraq War

(He said he was from Florida here)

The same guy called in April while David Brooks was on C-SPAN saying "we cannot have 8 years of this black man [Obama]"

(He said he was from Georgia here)...He also makes up the name of "the club" he's in...

CSPAN callers are only asked their first name and location, CSPAN gives you the choice of 3 numbers, Democrat, Republican and Independent line, so a caller that makes it through can say any name, any location and any Party

Here are the 3 locations on Google maps that the caller said he was from, you can see how close they are, which means he's probably very familiar with this area

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