Mary Landrieu on the Louisiana Purchase: "A Very Worthy Request"

It's just amazing that she got labeled a moderate a few weeks ago, if you listen to her, she's no different than Dick Durbin or Harry Reid

Mary Landrieu Louisiana Purchase
Landrieu: Nothing could make me vote for a bill if I didn't think it was the right thing to do for my state and for the nation, nothing, no amount of money, that was one of about 12 things that twelve things that I fought very hard for. And I'm pleased to say in the final bill many of them have presented themselves.

And it was a very worthy request in the sense that after Katrina, our calculation for Medicaid put us in the same category as Connecticut. People know that Connecticut is a much richer state than Louisiana...There's only one reason we're going to be here till Christmas and that's Senator Tom Coburn. We don't have to vote in the middle of the night. But he's the one making us do it; not Harry Reid; not the Democrats. It is the Republican obstructionists that are making us vote in the middle of the night.
Reminder to Landrieu, you come from a state where McCain beat Obama in 2008 by over 18 points, it's obvious you are counting on the voters forgetting all about this because you're not up until 2014