Living Large, Obama's Have Hanauma Bay All To Themselves (Photos of Bay)

Here's where the Obama's went after delivering remarks that were on the news today

Hanauma Bay on the Island of Oahu....Closed to the public on tuesdays, Open to the Obama's for a Picnic and Snorkeling....How about that skin in the game?
[click photo to enlarge] (it's huge)...
President Barack Obama and his family spent a few hours at Hanauma Bay on a day that the popular destination sight is closed to the public.

The president's motorcade drove him to the nature preserve early this afternoon after he delivered a statement about the "systemic failure" that allowed an attempted Christmas Day attack on a Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam.

The first family and some friends had a picnic and snorkeled
at one of Oahu's top visitor destinations.

Hanauma Bay is closed to the public on Tuesdays to allow the coral reef to recover from intense visitor use during the rest of the week. So the Obama entourage had the beach to themselves.
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Everybody of course, is gonna have to sacrifice...(everybody else)

Photo of Bay, remember to subtract all the people you see here as it was closed to the public..

Aerial shot, the Obama's and their friends had this all to themselves..