Krauthammer: President Looks Cool, Detached and Unconcerned

Napolitano's "system worked" is the new "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job"

Krauthammer: [Napolitano] this will be how we remember her, the person who said 2 days after an attack that almost killed 300 Americans -'that the system worked'
Krauthammer: "The President also it's his reaction, the reason he showed up again today is because yesterday, he looks cool, detached and unconcerned, he shows up without a tie and then he says in his statement 'we will not rest until we find those involved' and then he hops into a golf cart and continues his games, you know this is serious stuff, you have to demonstrate seriousness, the fact that he continually avoids speaking of the nature of the enemy which is jihadism is the sign of him not willing to acknowledge what every American understands is reality"