Chris Matthews On Obama: Too Much Chamberlain, Not Enough Churchill

DNC activist posing as a journalist, Chris Matthews, compares Obama to Neville Chamberlain

93 days of Dithering since the August 30th request from General McChrystal
Chris Matthews: Will this long deliberation, Anne Kornblut, you've got the tough question here to start with. Whip around here. It took three months to make this decision. Will he look smart and deliberate for having taken all this time, or will the dithering shot still being cast in by people like former Vice President Dick Cheney, is that still going to hurt?

Andrea Kramer, NBC: I agree. I think it will look good if he takes his time, if taking his time he comes out with something that adds up. If he doesn't then people will say you took so long and what did you deliver?

David Ignatius, Washington Post: The long period of analysis, very deliberative, robs this of passion. This is, he is going to be a wartime president now, and he has to sell the country on the idea that our young men and women are going to go there, fight and get killed and I think this is not...

Matthews: So, too much Chamberlain and not enough Churchill.

Ignatius: Well, too much, too much college professor.