Empty Handed Mayor Richard Daley Returns Home To Chicago

Copenhagen just a little too far away to have dead people cast a few votes for Chicago...

Won't go after the 2020 games because of geography? Huh?

Chicago's Olympic delegation returned home tonight empty-handed with Mayor Richard Daley suggesting that a bid for the 2020 Olympics is unlikely. But the mayor promised Chicago would come out of the recession even without the economic stimulus of the 2016 Summer Games.

Daley told reporters at O'Hare International airport that Chicago has "a future just as bright as anyone else." Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn told reporters "Chicago is the best of the best

Daley thanked the business community and other benefactors for raising money to finance the city's Olympic bid. The mayor also thanked the volunteers who worked on the bid.

Daley suggested that a 2020 bid for the Olympics was unlikely because of geographical concerns by the International Olympic Committee.
Here's the headline from cbs2chicago

And video of CBS2 Chicago's Political Editor Mike Flannery says this loss could be a good thing for Mayor Richard Daley, really?
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