Shocking Video: Communty Organizers Praying To President Elect Obama

Difficult to watch...

from NakedEmperorNews

**Update**The original may appear to be saying "Deliver us oh God" and "Hear us oh God"
click the link below and view the original and decide for yourself....

**Update** From
Editor's note: We've updated this post with the longer version of the original event. As you'll see in the comments and related links there is a debate over what is actually being said. Does the crowd say, "Hear our cry, Obama" and "Deliver us Obama?" Or are they saying "Oh God?" In the longer version the first two repetitions seem to have a distinct "uh" sound at the end that resonates as "Obama." The later repetitions are a little fuzzier. Did some of the religious leaders present become uneasy? Or was there a mix of what was being said? Read some of the blogger analysis below. What do you think?

The Gamaliel Foundation is the community organizing group that helped sponsor Barack Obama's initial work in Chicago. has the original video