Sarkozy Sees Obama As Incredibly Naive & Grossly Egotistical

video via gatewaypundit

"The President of the United States is the leader of the free world and if the President of the United States isn't going to lead the free world, it isn't going to be led"

hotair's Ed Morrissey writes: Jack Kelly tells Fox News that his sources say that French president Nicolas Sarkozy considers Barack Obama “incredibly naive and grossly egotistical,” which says something coming from France. Naivete can be cured if the afflicted is willing to learn, but Kelly also says that Sarkozy is convinced that “nothing can dent [Obama's] naivete,” a quality that we have learned the hard way during the health-care debate.

A French President calling out an American President to lead the free world, who would have ever thought this day would come?

We can't say we didn't warn voters in the last election...