White House Blog: Jared Bernstein Explains How To Pay For Health Care: Obama Making Cuts

A vacationing Obama sends out his Shamwow guy to sell Obamacare...

Bernstein: "Alot of people have been raising the question as to whether we can afford Health Care Reform in America without busting the budget, I'm here to tell you the answer is yes, we absolutely can, but I would actually take it considerably further, we can't afford not to fix this problem...

Somewhere in the fray, a very important point in that regard has gotten lost, President Obama pays for Health Care Reform, he pays for it fully and it is deficit neutral. He does so by squeezing some very expensive inefficiencies"
Does anyone think the most fiscally irresponsible Administration in history is gonna put a "squeeze" on spending? The same President who kinda just missed the debt projections by $2 Trillion over 10 years?

Oh, by the way Jared, you're speaking here without a teleprompter, you called it Health Care Reform, did you not get the memo? it's Health Insurance Reform, it polls much better, good thing the White House snitch website was taken down, someone would have reported that as kinda "fishy."

So a President who spends $787 Billion in the first 30 days in office is suddenly gonna make sure Government run Health Care is deficit neutral....OK
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