Michelle Malkin And Glenn Beck Discuss Radicals In White House + Ratings: Viewers Not Boycotting Beck

What do the people in the White House believe...

Talks about how ACORN and the SEIU operate and how it is similar to these radical groups

hotair writes..
Day two in GB’s expose of Color of Change founder turned “green jobs czar” Van Jones, this time with an assist from the boss. Beck’s focused on the deeper questions here but as a case study in big media’s double standards towards Republican and Democratic appointees, you simply can’t do better than this. They gave The One a pass on Wright and Ayers during the campaign when McCain would have been crucified for similar relationships, ostensibly because those dealings were in the past and wouldn’t affect the way he governed.
Rating released today for Glenn Beck's return show a significant increase in viewership, this is for yesterday's show, but it will be eclipsed tomorrow as Glenn Beck has Rush Limbaugh on for an interview...
Total Viewers Monday: Never seen before ratings for a 5:00p.m. timeslot