Michele Bachmann Town Hall: Man Worries That Obama Won't Leave Office in 2012 or 2016

President for life...

Michele Bachmann here talks about the disaster of the Britian Health Care system, and tells a man she has given birth "more times than than you sir"

The national debate over health care turned into a boisterous and sometimes angry argument Thursday afternoon in Lake Elmo during a town hall meeting hosted by Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Stillwater.

The auditorium at Oak-Land Junior High School was filled with Bachmann's passionate supporters and opponents, and they frequently erupted into shouting matches during an hourlong question-and-answer session.

The congresswoman is an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama's plan to overhaul health care, and when audience members attacked her for opposing the president's proposals, her supporters often shouted them down