Michael Steele On Kennedy: "Country Won't Be Guilted Into Health Care Reform"

Michael Steele on Abcnews's Top Line says Kennedy's passing shouldn't change anything

On ABCNews.com’s Top Line RNC Chairman Michael Steele said he "can understand why the Democrats and particularly the left" are using Kennedy’s memory to urge reform, but said Kennedy’s passing shouldn’t change anything.

"I’m not of a mind to reform health care for the sake of anyone’s memory, because I’m concerned about how that impacts my mom and my dad,”

"While I admire the legacy of Sen. Ted Kennedy, I disagree with his view of health care for this country. That’s part of the debate. But I don’t want to see the county be guilted into a health care reform because of the passing – unfortunate passing of a great senator," he added. "Use that memory to stoke the debate of the clear distinction between Republicans, for example, and Democrats on this issue. Where we think individual should be in power to create a bottom-up, patient-centered system, versus a top-down, government-centered system that the Democrats are proposing."

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