Dick Morris Says Democrats Could Lose 100 Seats In Next Election

via gatewaypundit

Talks about a double dip recession
Hannity: "What is the political fallout of that scenario unfolding"
Morris: "It's a disaster for the Democrats, you could literally at this point just see 100 seats changing"
While 100 seat might be a little much, half of that could be a possibility, Dick Morris was around in the Clinton White House when Bill Clinton got crushed in the 1994 mid term elections.

Republicans picked up 54 House seats and 8 Senate seats, also beating a Speaker of the House Tom Foley for the first time in many years, Republicans also picked up another seat a few months later when Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched parties.

Republicans were moving full steam ahead on their agenda until the Oklahoma City bombing and the Government shut down changed the dynamic of the electorate, Democrats were successful in blaming the incident on the "extreme right wing" with help from their willing accomplices in the press.

A wounded Clinton made his way back when the Government was shut down in 1995, and on television, some of those federal workers that were furloughed suddenly had a camera and a microphone in front of them, all of them by the way received their back pay. Clinton was seen as the one protecting the little guy from those rascally Republicans..