Dick Cheney To Hit Obama Adm. Hard For Going After The Very People Who Made The Country Safe

Cheney knows we are dealing not with liberal Democrats, but fringe radicals...

"We had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al Qaeda. The approach of the Obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in that policy and say, 'How did you do it? What were the keys to keeping this country safe over that period of time?'" Cheney said.

"Instead, they're out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal opinions -- threatening contrary to what the president originally said. They're going to go out and investigate the CIA personnel who carried out those investigations," Cheney added

It must be pretty hard hitting, this is Chris Wallace giving a little promo of Cheney on Foxnews Sunday, "Cheney very upset" Wallace says...

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