David Brooks Calls Town Hall Protesters "Crazies," What Rush Limbaugh Is Sayin' "Insane"

Meet the Press does a hatchet job on Rush Limbaugh, again quoting him out of context

BROOKS: I hadn't seen the Rush Limbaugh thing(really? you are a columnist at the NYTimes). That is insane. What he's saying is insane. But I guess I would say the, the first thing is it has been a conventional wisdom among the smartest people in Washington that this is such a tough issue you got to do it on a bipartisan basis. And the Obama administration, for better or worse, decided not to do that.... And we are now--and it's not just the crazies, among whom we just saw some. But if you take overall poll ratings for health care, they are--people are--the American public is now as skeptical as they were when Clinton care collapsed. So there--it's not just the crazies, there's a real public concern about real issues, aside from the stuff that Rush Limbaugh says.

They left out the clip of Pelosi again, which Matthews was doing earlier in the week with Bob Shrum

"There are far more similiarities between Adolf Hitler and Nancy Pelosi than between these people showing up at town halls to protest a Hitler like policy"

Rush was responding to the Nancy Pelosi's statement the day before saying that Town Hall protesters are showing up with swastikas. Funny how that clip didn't make it to Meet the Press

Oh, by the way, big hat tip to hotair for making sure that they didn't use the video I made for the 100th time, whatever one I upload, they make sure to use the opposite...