NY Attorney General Cuomo Sends Out Letter To Retailers To Halt The Sale Of Toy Guns

Not even toy guns are safe from lawmakers...

Hundreds of New York stores aren't complying with state rules banning the sale of any toy guns that could be confused with the real thing. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that his office has sent letters to more than 100 retailers ordering them to halt sales of look-a-likes that violate the ban.

State law requires toy guns to be made from materials that couldn't possibly be confused with an actual weapon, or carry colorful markings including a big orange stripe.Inspectors with Cuomo's office say they found plenty of toys on sale that didn't follow those rules.

Some of the stores that got letters included Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Gander Mountain. None of the stores returned calls seeking comment. Cuomo was elected to the position of Attorney General in November of 2006.-WCBSTV

Flashback: just for fun... During the campaign John McCain called for Andrew Cuomo , a Democrat, to be Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and that then Chairman Christopher Cox who is a Republican to be fired, how did reaching across the isle work for you John?