Left Wing Blog Talkingpointsmemo Calls People Who Oppose Obama "Haters"

The amnesia of the last 8 years from Josh Marshall
I wonder if he's ever heard of MSNBC?

When the left starts losing the argument they fall back on race...

Attacks Rush, Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck
The left doesn't want to debate the opposition, they want to silence them...

This from the Lib talkingpointsmemo
"An interesting pattern has emerged in the last few weeks, as President Obama's ratings have started to come down to Earth: You can really see a type of Obama-hatred out there that really does cross over into a purely racial territory."

"Above all others, the real celebrity here has been Rush Limbaugh. He's done this kind of thing before -- remember the "Barack, The Magic Negro" song? But in the wake of the Gates incident, he's managed to become even more hard-edged about it. "Here you have a black president trying to destroy a white policeman," Limbaugh declared this past Friday. Yesterday, he shared a dream he's had about the dangers to capitalism: "I had a dream that I was a slave building a sphinx in a desert that looked like Obama." And he joked that food-safety advocates will go after all the unhealthy foods people like to eat, one by one -- but they'll have to wait until Obama is out of office to ban Oreos."

This from the left wing smear site MediaMatters