Hillary Clinton Camp Is Election-Ready, Still Has 8 Person Political Team

Nydaily News online poll on Hillary's Presidential ambitions, not even close

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I wouldn't doubt if Hillary secretly hopes Health Care Reform goes down in flames so this President will get politically wounded...


Hillary Clinton says running for office isn't on her "radar," but she still has an eight-person political team and sports two overflowing campaign war chests.
Her team transformed the former Democratic White House contender's massive campaign debts into a $3 million mountain of political cash, according to federal fund-raising records through the end of June.

Clinton's failed presidential bid is now $1 million in the black, and her old Senate campaign committee has $2.1 million in the bank, much of it transferred in from the presidential account.
The former First Lady paid eight staffers nearly $100,000 in the second quarter of the year to tend to the remains of her political empire.
She officially pulled out of the political arena in January when she became secretary of state. But Clinton's campaign Web site continues to accept contributions.

Dick Morris: If Obama becomes radioactive there's a good chance Hillary will challenge Obama in 2012

"Is Hillary going to give up running for President, yeah when she stops breathing"-Dick Morris