Foxnews Channel #2 In Prime Time On ALL Of Cable, CNN #20, MSNBC#26

Numbers continue to grow for foxnews, and MSNBC continue their slide.
Foxnews Channel would be #1 if it wasn't for WWE Wrestling on USA...

Last week, Fox News was once again the second ranked channel on cable in Total Viewers during prime time (Live+SD). FNC averaged 2,329,000 in comparison to CNN in 22nd (1,027,000) and MSNBC 26th (765,000).

Here are the numbers for Total Viewers Monday July 27th
Hannity's audience has continued to be strong since going solo, and Greta is continuing to climb..

Lowest audience of the big three, Hardball's Chris Matthews 5:00p.m. slot...
Ed Show has never broken out of last or second last, how long will this left wing clown continue to have a show?