Democrats Warn GOP of Backlash For Opposing Sotomayor

Really? Did the Dems pay a price for opposing Miguel Estrada?

Here's why I just can't stand the left...

Associated Press
WASHINGTON – The Senate debate over Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor turned bitter Wednesday, after Democrats warned the GOP it would pay a steep price for opposing the judge who would be the first Hispanic justice, and a top Republican charged they were playing destructive racial politics.

Majority Leader Harry Reid implored Republicans Wednesday to join Democrats in voting to confirm Sotomayor next week, warning that GOP opposition would bring the same sort of public backlash that followed the party's spirited opposition to measures that would have given some illegal immigrants a chance to gain legal status.

"I just think that their voting against this good woman is going to treat them about the same way that they got treated as a result of their votes on immigration," said Reid, D-Nev.

Hypocrisy of these detestable Democrats...
This from September 2003 CNN:

"Would have been the first Hispanic" at the bottom of story...
That same day Senator Ted Kennedy said after he withdrew his nomination that "it was a victory for the Constitution"

Who could forget what they did here?
"A high tech lynching for uppity blacks who deign to think for themselves"

Notice the brilliant, well spoken Joe Biden as Chairman, uh, who ended up voting against Clarence Thomas
Democrats didn't oppose our candidates, they tried to destroy them....