Democrat Anthony Weiner Says Health Care Will Lower Taxes And Committee Erupts In Laughter

Anthony Weiner (D) New York, American's taxes are gonna go down"
Kinda like Barack Obama's "no earmarks" when there were 9000 of them...

"I want to point out one other thing, American citizen's taxes are gonna go down as a result of this bill,(Laughter)

The House Energy & Commerce Cmte.Congressional leaders and "the Blue Dogs" Democrats reached an agreement yesterday. Part of the agreement is that a final floor vote on the health care will not occur until after the August recess. The Committee hopes to finish the markup before that time.
Chairman of the Committe is Henry Waxman, you know, the guy who adds a 300 page amendment to a piece of legislation and tries to hurry up the vote before anyone has a chance to read it...
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