Colin Powell Responds To The Gates Arrest and Says He's Been Racially Profiled

Colin Powell interview on Larry King
I've combined the clips, there was an interview between them...

King: "Have you ever been racially profiled?"
Powell: "Yes many times"
King: "Did you ever bring anger to it?"
Powell: "Sure I got mad, I got mad when I was National Security Advisor for the President of the United States and I went down to meet someone at Reagan National Airport and nobody recognized, nobody thought I could possibly be National Security to the President, I was just a black guy at Reagan National airport, it was only when I went up to the counter and said is my guest here who's waiting for me, did somebody say, oh you're General Powell, it was inconceivable to him that a black guy could be the National Security Advisor"
(By the way, in the late 80's it was Washington National Airport before being renamed Reagan National in 1998)

My take on this:
What stands out to me is that Larry King asks Colin Powell is he's ever been racially profiled, and Colin Powell responds to an incident from more than 20 years ago at Reagan National Airport, he was National Security Advisor under President Reagan from 1987-1989, the only example of racial profiling that comes to his mind is more that 2 decades ago?
By the way, it was a Republican Presidents that brought Powell from obscurity to where he is today..

On Gates arrest, did anyone notice he calls him "Skip?" He says Gates should have went outside and not escalated the incident but that there was a verbal altercation between the 2 of them..However, listening to the 911 tapes, Sgt Crowely remained professional throughout the incident and called for backup..