Colin Powell On Larry King Admits He "Was Not Entirely Colorblind" When Voting For Obama

Looks like Rush was right, Powell was not colorblind when voting for Obama, After Obama won on election night Powell said "my God we did it"

"I didn't endorse him because he was black, I thought it was something to take into consideration...I spoke at length with John McCain, and I watch Mr. Obama with his campaign, and at the end, I cannot say I was totally colorblind, but at the end I convinced myself based on the facts I sought, that he was the better choice at this time in our nations history"

Colin Powell obviously hangs on every word Rush says about him

Says Mr. Limbaugh (pronounced Limboww)is free to criticize him all he wants...

Here's Rush in his interview with Sean Hannity blasting Colin Powell for saying Republicans need to moderate and go to the center, even though the Republicans nominated John McCain. Was Colin Powell unaware of the nominee last election?

Still Colin Powell has not said he will won't endorse Obama in the next election, and this guy calls himself a Republican?