Rush Limbaugh On GOP Listening Tour "They Hate Sarah Palin"(Audio)

Rush Responds to the GOP listening tour...

Rush is exactly right, These people have a hatred for Palin, without Conservatives going to the polls because Sarah Palin was on the ticket, John McCain would have gotten crushed on election day, remember after Palin was named Vice Presidential nominee and after the convention, McCain led Obama for the first time.

McCain was the ultimate moderate that we kept hearing would be able to get those independents(lost them to Obama) and get those moderates (lost them to Obama) and get those women and disaffected Hillary voters, remember that? (lost women's vote to Barry too)

Obama had the media in his back pocket and in excess of $600 million dollars to throw at McCain(not to mention voter fraud from ACORN, 'know what I mean Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner?) and still McCain got 59 million votes