Oklahoma State Troopers Try To Arrest EMT In Ambulance On Way To Hospital

Beyond Belief... this is what can happen if you fail to yield..

Being choked is a 26 year veteran Paramedic

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The fight happened during an emergency call when a patient waiting to be taken to the local hospital was in the back of the ambulance. Officials say OHP troopers became upset after the paramedic failed to yield while the troopers were rushing to a call of their own.

The troopers claim the paramedic assaulted one of them before the camera started rolling.
The video was shot by the patient's son. He says he continually asked the troopers to stop, so his mom could be taken to the hospital.

"We're like telling this dude. 'Man, my mom is in the back.' My step-dad was like 'man my wife is in the back, can we do this at the hospital,'" said Kenyada Davis.
The patient was finally taken to the hospital where she was treated and released.
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol won't comment on the video while it's being reviewed by Okfuskee County prosecutors.