Barack Obama Vs. Barack Obama On Cuba, The Candidate Vs. The President

Yesterday, Barack Obama the Blame America First Appeaser-In-Chief...

Hey I'm not George Bush, look at me..
The message it sends to the enemies around the world? Don't change anything, we will do the changing for you...

But then when you're on the campaign trail and you need the Cuban vote in Florida, you talk tough to that old Cuban regime... this from May 2008 in Miami..(Notice the change in tone)

"There is no place for this kind of Tyranny"
"Elections that are anything but free or fair, of dissidents locked away in prison cells for the crime of speaking the truth"
"I won't stand for this injustice"
"Together we will stand up for freedom in Cuba"

Until I become President of course, then this promise like all the others will have an expiration date...