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Great video by Americans for Shared Prosperity

"In 2008, I fell in love..."


Al Gore At Climate March In NYC Talks About Renewable Energy Before Hopping Into a Gas-Guzzling SUV

Gore in a Prius?
Gore in a Nissan Leaf?
Nope, Al Gore gets into a big Chevy Suburban LT

Kerry Picket
Former Vice President Al Gore made his exit from Sunday's climate change march in New York City in a Chevrolet Suburban SUV after speaking to reporters about renewable energy.

Gore asked a security officer, "You want me here?" before stepping into the SUV, which appears to be a Suburban LT model, as seen in a logo behind the passenger door Gore entered. It is unknown if the large Chevy SUV was a flex fuel vehicle.

Breitbart News asked the environmental activist about the financial costs of renewable energy, as well as his own house—a mansion in Nashville which has previously been criticized for the amount of energy it reportedly uses. Gore simply replied, "Hundred percent."

Gore marched with global warming protesters at the People's Climate March along with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, among various celebrities. De Blasio praised Gore's work during a press gaggle at the march.


Rudy Giuliani: I Would Have NEVER Said, 'We're Not Going to Put Boots on the Ground' in Iraq, I Would Never Announce That In Advance

'I would have not taken this idea of troops off the table, as a way of threatening them'


Flashback 2012- Hillary Clinton: Arming Syrian Rebels Could Help al-Qaeda

The U.S. is going to train and arm 'moderate' Syrian rebels as part of Obama's strategy to confront Islamic State terrorists, who have seized territory in Iraq and Syria.

What did Hillary say about arming the rebels when she was SOS in 2012?

We'd be helping Al Qaeda. 'What are we gonna arm them with? To whom do you deliver them to?...We really don't know who it is that would be armed'


VIDEO- Alaska Local TV Reporter Curses, Quits on Air, Says She Will Work to Legalize Pot

"I quit"

A reporter for Anchorage CBS-affiliate KTVA quit on live television Sunday night, using the f-word to punctuate an announcement that she will work to legalize marijuana as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

The reporter, known professionally as Charlo Greene, made the announcement during the station's 10 p.m. newscast at the end of a story titled "Voting for easier access." Greene told viewers that she is owner of the group, which describes itself as a liaison between people who hold medical marijuana cards and those who can supply the drug.

"Everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska," she said.

"And as for this job," Greene continued, "Well, not that I have a choice, but f--- it, I quit."


When the go back to the desk, the surprised anchor apologizes for reporter Charlo Greene's comment.
Watch- This is not the way you do it.


Arizona: High School Football Coach Gets Suspended Two Games For Praying With Team (Video)

Video report from ABC15. They talk to one of the fans at the Friday night football game. His response is the quote of the day-

Ray Rice gets two games for 'cold conking his girlfriend,' the coach gets two games for praying. Something is really wrong with that

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- A Tempe school football coach must miss his team's game Friday as part of a punishment for praying with his players.

Tom Brittain is serving the second week of a two-game suspension from his job as coach at Tempe Preparatory Academy.

Headmaster David Baum says Brittain instructed a player to lead the team in prayer after they won a game.

Baum says staff cannot appear to condone religion to students on behalf of the state-funded charter school's behalf.

Some students hung a sign in support of Brittain at the school's homecoming game last week.

Some parents have expressed outrage at Baum's decision. But others say the school is not a religious institution and that Brittain violated school policy


Watch Leftist Robert Kennedy Jr. Get Confronted about His Own “Carbon Footprint”

"Shouldn't you lead by example?"

PJTV's Michelle Fields confronts Robert Kennedy Jr. at the New York climate march about his use of things that damage the environment. At the end of the interview, an angry RFK Jr. grabs the mic and pulls it back when Fields tries to answer a follow-up question.



Video Shows Gold Bars, Millions of Dollars of U.S. $100 Bills Captured By the Islamic State

Islamic state raids one of the palaces of an Iraqi politician in the state of Nineveh

In a video posted yesterday, it shows all the money is U.S. $100s


Peter King: Send in U.S. Ground Troops To Defeat ISIS

Congressman King asks "why President Obama says up front we will not put boots on the ground. Why take that off the table? Never let the enemy know what we’re not going to do”

From Fox News Sunday


Islamic State Tells Followers To Attack U.S., French Citizens - ISIS Website

BAGHDAD, Sept 22 - Islamic State has urged its followers to attack citizens of the United States, France and other allies who have joined a coalition to fight the militant group, the SITE monitoring website said on Monday.

The United States is building an international coalition to destroy the radical Sunni Muslim group, which has seized swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and proclaimed a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East.

U.S. and French warplanes have struck Islamic State targets in Iraq and on Sunday the United States said other countries had indicated a willingness to join it if it goes ahead with air strikes against the group in Syria too.

Islamic State spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said the military intervention by the U.S.-led coalition would be the "final campaign of the crusaders," according to a transcript published by SITE.


Alleged White House Intruder is Decorated Combat Vet

Omar Jose Gonzalez is a decorated Army veteran who served in Iraq

Fox News
The Texas man accused of dashing through the White House front door Friday with a folding knife is a decorated Army veteran and marksman who served in Iraq, the U.S. military said Sunday.

Omar Jose Gonzalez, who is being held in connection with illegally trying to enter the White House complex, served more than 13 years over the course of two Army stints.

The 42-year-old Gonzalez was discharged in 2003 after serving six years and completing his military service obligation. He retired in 2012 as a result of a disability, after serving roughly seven more years, according to his military record.

The military does not provide details about a soldier's disability due to privacy considerations.

Gonzales, of Copperas Cove, Texas, allegedly jumped the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue at 7:20 p.m. Friday, then crossed the North Lawn and opened the mansion’s front door before being apprehended by a Secret Service police officer standing guard.