Dick Morris: 'I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Obama Resigned'

What a great day that would be.

President Barack Obama has been criticized for continuing to headline political fundraisers while the country is facing so many crises, but veteran political commentator Dick Morris says the president doesn't seem to care if it hurts his image.

"I think Obama has almost 'cashed-it-in' at far as that goes," Morris told Ed Berliner on "MidPoint" 

"I think he's removed, distracted, aloof," he said.

"If I open the newspaper tomorrow and I learn that Obama resigned, I wouldn't be surprised," Morris added.

Here is Dick Morris on Newsmax TV Thursday.
Watch- He makes the comments at the end of this interview


Trey Gowdy Shreds Law Professor on Need for A Special Counsel in IRS Investigation (Video)

Future Attorney General Trey Gowdy questions University of Baltimore School of Law professor Charles Tiefer  on need for AG Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel for the IRS investigation

Add this to the greatest hits of Trey Gowdy smackdowns. The law professor gets absolutely pummeled here. He is no match for congressman Gowdy.



Border Crisis - Agents & Families Getting Sick After Working With Illegals (Video)

In Del Rio, Texas: Border Patrol agents have been infected with scabies, lice, chicken pox. 2 Border agents say their children have been infected with chicken pox
El Paso: 2 border agents possibly infected with tuberculosis

Since July 16th, 48 Border Patrol Agents infected with some type of communicable disease

Bill Melugin, reporter at KFOX-TV in El Paso talks to Greta about a new report from the office of Inspector General about what is happening to the Border Patrol who are dealing with the children crossing the border


MSNBC Uses Term 'Impeachment' Four Times as Often as Fox News


MSNBC  448 mentions
Fox New 95

Nate Silver: MSNBC as obsessed with impeachment as CNN was with the Missing Malaysia Airliner

Judging from reports carried by the three mainstream networks' news programs and most of the low-rated cable news channels, it seems that the Fox News Channel and conservative Republicans are totally consumed by the concept of impeaching Democratic President Barack Obama.

However, a Lexis-Nexis search of transcripts from the July programs on FNC and MSNBC indicated that for every mention of the words “impeachment” or “impeach” on the “Fair and Balanced” channel, the “Lean Forward” network used those words five times.

According to an article written by Nate Silver, founder and editor in chief of the FiveThirtyEight website, those terms were used an amazing 32 times during Monday's episode of MSNBC’s The Ed Show, giving the fourth-place news network a total of 448 mentions so far this month, while Fox News referred to “impeachment” 95 times.

Silver continued: “That works out to about 2.7 mentions per hour of original programming on MSNBC, or once every 22 minutes.”

The liberal network “hasn’t become quite as obsessed with impeachment as CNN was with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but it may be getting there,” he noted. “Impeachment mentions on MSNBC increased sixfold from May to July. Overall, since Jan. 1, MSNBC has mentioned impeachment 905 times to Fox News’s 213.”


Eric Cantor Delivers Farewell Speech on House Floor (Video)

Eric Cantor delivered a somber farewell as majority leader Thursday, telling his House colleagues that he has "truly lived the American Dream"

He gets a standing O from both sides here. After his speech, Steny Hoyer makes some remarks about Cantor, saying all of us are only here for a short time. 'We wish him well'



Israel Calls Up Another 16,000 Reserves

Israeli officials said the military had yet to complete one of the operation's main goals—destroying cross-border tunnels Hamas uses to infiltrate fighters into Israel. The military said it has uncovered 32 tunnels so far

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that Israel will destroy the Hamas tunnel network in the Gaza Strip "with or without a cease-fire," as the military called up another 16,000 reservists to pursue its campaign in the densely-populated territory.

Netanyahu's vow came as international efforts to end the 23-day-old conflict seemed to sputter despite concern over the mounting death toll, with more than 1,300 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and more than 50 Israelis, almost all of them soldiers, killed since July 8.

"We have neutralized dozens of terror tunnels and we are committed to complete this mission, with or without a cease-fire," Netanyahu said. "Therefore I will not agree to any offer that does not allow the military to complete this important mission for the security of the people of Israel."

An initial Israeli aerial campaign against Hamas was widened into a ground offensive on July 17. Since then the campaign has concentrated on destroying more than 30 cross-border tunnels that militants have constructed to carry out attacks on Israeli territory.

Israel says that most of the 32 tunnels it has uncovered have now been demolished and that getting rid of the remainder will take no more than a few days


CNN Anchor Bill Weir Snaps on Fox Nation: ‘You Willfully Ignorant F*cksticks’

Nice language. CNN must be real proud of this guy.

It’s safe to say CNN anchor Bill Weir is not a fan of climate change deniers.

On Thursday, the Twitter account for Fox Nation, a blog run by Fox News, tweeted a link to a post headlined, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.”

The story, aggregated from the Washington Times, relates to a Denver visit by former Vice President Al Gore‘s “Climate Reality Project” for EPA hearings on power plant emissions.

The group showed up to hand out ice cream even though it was 58 degrees.

Weir retweeted the link, with his own comment: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks.” We’ve requested comment from CNN.


Obama Approval Rating 36% in Ohio

Team Obama would definitely have to double-down on the vote fraud in Cleveland if the election were held today.

In 2012, O won Ohio 50-47 over Romney. No way Obama could win Ohio today with a 36% approval rating. In September of 2012, Obama's approval rating in the state of Ohio was 56%


COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new poll shows President Barack Obama's approval rating is falling in Ohio.

The poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut says Obama's approval rating in Ohio has slipped to 36 percent. The same survey in May gave him a 39-percent approval rating.

The poll found a strong partisan divide when it comes to Obama, with an approval rating of just 4 percent among Republicans and 74 percent among Democrats.

Thursday's poll also says 49 percent of voters approved of the job Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is doing, while 40 percent approved of the job done by U.S. Sen. Rob Portman.

The survey of 1,366 Ohio voters was conducted by phone from July 24-28. It has a margin of error of just under 3 percentage points.


Also in the Quinnipiac poll, they did some 2016 head-to-head matchups in Ohio
Hillary leads all Republicans for some reason.

Clinton 46% Rand Paul 42%
Clinton 47% John Kasich 40%
Clinton 48%  Jeb Bush 37%
Clinton 46% Chris Christie 37%

Hillary Clinton leads all Republicans among women by 20-24 points


Just to show the level of low-information voter were dealing with here...
 Quinnipiac ask a question of Ohio voters about favorability of John Kasich

2. Is your opinion of John Kasich favorable or unfavorable

1-in-5 voters haven't heard enough about John Kasich...
He's been their Governor for the last 4 years.


Flashback Video-- Obama: Muslims Helped Lay The Railroads, Built Some of Our Highest Skyscrapers

This is a follow up to President Obama's statement earlier this week marking the end of Ramadan where he said Muslims helped 'build the fabric of America.'

In this flashback video I pulled up from 2013, Obama at a White House Iftar Dinner goes further in his praise for Muslims. Just making it up out of thin air. Watch. This is absolutely ridiculous.

President Obama-
• Islam has contributed to the character of our country
•Muslim Americans have helped to build our nation
•Muslim immigrants - farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities.
•Muslim innovators helped build some of our highest skyscrapers (what?)
•Muslims helped to unlock the secrets of our universe


Alison Lundergan Grimes Gaffe: Iron Dome Helps Israel Defend Against Terrorists In Tunnels

She has no clue that Israel's Iron Dome is a missile defense system

Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes drew attention Tuesday with a remark about Israel's famed air defense system known as the Iron Dome.

Asked about the missile system at a rally in front of her new headquarters in Fayette County, Grimes had this to say, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader:

"Obviously, Israel is one of our strongest allies in the Middle East, and she has the right to defend herself," Grimes said. "But the loss of life, especially the innocent civilians in Gaza, is a tragedy. The Iron Dome has been a big reason why Israel has been able to withstand the terrorists that have tried to tunnel their way in.

"My hope is that a cease-fire can be structured. Ultimately, I think the long-term solution though is not one we can impose. It has to come from within. It's a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine"

NRSC pounces: Alison Grimes 'fundamentally unprepared'

  The latest Bluegrass Poll  has Mitch McConnell with a  2 point lead over Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes 47-45.


Obama: I Read 10 Letter Every Night, Some of Them Say, 'You're an Idiot' (Video)

Obama economic speech today at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Mo.

He says he reads 10 letters from concerned Americans every night