Indiana Pizzeria That Faced Backlash After Saying It Won’t Cater Gay Weddings Gets Nearly $50K In Donations in 8 Hours

A GoFundMe page called “Support Memories Pizza set up to raise $45,000 for the embattled restaurant exceeded that goal from more than 1,000 donors in the first five hours.

The dust up began Tuesday when Memories Pizza owners Kevin and Crystal O’Connor were interviewed on the local news about their support for Indiana’s new religious freedom law.

"If a gay couple was to come and they wanted us to bring pizzas to their wedding, we’d have to say no,” Crystal told ABC 57.

Owner Kevin elaborated: “That's a lifestyle that you choose,” he told the station. “I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. You can't beat me over the head with something they choose to be.”

The backlash gave rise to hundreds of supporters who began pledging donations to an online fundraising begun by the Blaze TV after learning the O’Connors had shut down on Wednesday as criticism and threats rolled in.

“I don’t know if we will reopen, or if we can,” Crystal told conservative radio station The Blaze, adding “We’re in hiding basically. Yep, staying in the house"

Co-Owner Crystal O'Conner was interviewed Wednesday on the Blaze by Dana Loesch


George Will: What Kind of Person Wants Their Wedding Photographed By Someone Who Detests The Ceremony?

Good question.

It's obvious that they don't want a wedding cake, they don't want wedding photographs. They want to pick a fight.

George Will, Laura Ingraham sound off on the Indiana Religious Freedom Law and the backlash from the left,  tonight on Special Report.

Laura says this is gonna backfire


NYPD Cop Who Berated Uber Driver Stripped of Gun and Badge

Commissioner Bill Bratton put the detective, Patrick Cherry on modified duty on Wednesday, pulling him from a counterterrorism task force in which he reportedly had a top level of security clearance

BRATTON: "That officer's behavior reflected badly on everyone who wears our uniform"

An NYPD detective captured on a viral video berating an Uber driver was stripped of his shield and gun and placed on modified duty, commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday, as he chided the officer for his behavior and apologized to the driver and his passengers.

Detective Patrick Cherry, of Sayville, was transferred out of the Joint Terrorism Task Force as the passenger who captured the incident on video testified in front of the Civilian Complaint Review Board. The case was referred to the Internal Affairs Bureau and the CCRB for an investigation.

"No good cop could watch that without a wince ... that officer's behavior reflected badly on everyone who wears our uniform," Bratton said, speaking at an unrelated news conference at police headquarters.

 "That officer's behavior violated every one of the tenets that we are attempting to teach at the police academy."


Iraq Military Claims Victory Over ISIS in Tikrit (VIDEO)

"Pockets of ISIS fighters remain"

Fox News
Iraq's defense minister said security forces have achieved a "magnificent victory" over Islamic State fighters in Tikrit Wednesday, but a senior defense official told Fox News that the fighting is “block to block, especially in the northern part of Tikrit where ISIS still has fighters.”

Khalid al-Obeidi said Wednesday that security forces have "accomplished their mission" in the monthlong offensive to rid Saddam Hussein's hometown of the militant group.

"We have the pleasure, with all our pride, to announce the good news of a magnificent victory," Obeidi said in a video statement. "Here we come to you, Anbar! Here we come to you, Nineveh, and we say it with full resolution, confidence, and persistence," naming other provinces under the sway of the extremists.

Despite the claim, “Iraqi security forces are still fighting block to block in some cases, particularly in the northern part of Tikrit,” a Pentagon official told Fox News.

Iranian forces, fighting alongside the Iraqi forces pulled back and the U.S. came in with airstrikes to retake Tikrit.
Fox News Leland Vittert reports


'That Was 3 Years Ago': WH Press Secretary Refuses To Condemn Harry Reid Comments About Romney Paying Taxes (VIDEO)

Josh Earnest is pressed: President Obama says we must not let ideology get in the way of respect, right?

So, what about Harry Reid's recent comments about Mitt Romney in the CNN interview?

You want to take this opportunity to condemn it?

Earnest: Harry Reid speaks for himself...That was 3 years ago...Next question

Watch--This is today:


WaPo Poll: 50% Disapprove Way Obama Is Handling U.S. Relations With Israel

Only 38% approve

By a nearly 2 to 1 margin, Americans support the notion of striking a deal with Iran that restricts the nation’s nuclear program in exchange for loosening sanctions, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds.

ut the survey — released hours before Tuesday’s negotiating deadline — also finds few Americans are hopeful that such an agreement will be effective. Nearly 6 in 10 say they are not confident that a deal will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, unchanged from 15 months ago, when the United States, France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia reached an interim agreement with Iran aimed at sealing a long-term deal.

Overall, the poll finds 59 percent support an agreement in which the United States and its negotiating partners lift major economic sanctions in exchange for restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. Thirty-one percent oppose a deal.

Down to question #4
38% approve of O's handling of Israel, 50% disapprove

Why the 50% disapprove (above) is probably a lot higher:

They only polled 22% of Republicans in this Wapo/ABC News survey

Iran: Nuclear Deal Must Guarantee End of Sanctions

Any agreement limiting Iran's nuclear program must guarantee that all sanctions against that country are lifted, Iran's top nuclear negotiator told reporters Wednesday.

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi also said Iran insists on being allowed to continue research and development of advanced centrifuges used to enrich uranium — an issue that casts doubt on whether the country's nuclear program is peaceful.

Those two issues appeared to be the remaining sticking points in ongoing talks between Iran and the P5+1 group — the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China — on a deal aimed at ensuring Iran does not try to develop a nuclear weapon.

"It is not possible to have a deal without lifting sanctions, all sanctions must be removed," Araghchi said. "Until we have solutions to all problems we cannot have a comprehensive agreement."

Another Iranian negotiator, Hamid Baeidinejad, said Tuesday that the P5+1 had agreed to lift sanctions on Iran's oil, gas and banking sectors as soon as a deal is implemented, though details had not been worked out.


Obama Commutes Sentences for 22 Convicted of Federal Drug Crimes

(Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 22 drug offenders serving time in federal prison, accelerating the administration’s efforts to reduce penalties for many of those convicted of such crimes.

Obama’s decision, announced on Tuesday, more than doubles the number of commutations he has issued, and is the latest sign that the White House is taking aim at a drug war the president has characterized as counterproductive.

After all we know by now that selling drugs is really a victimless crime. It’s not like illegal drug use hurts society or costs the taxpayers any money. Like, say, childhood obesity does.

Many of those freed by the commutations, including eight inmates who received life sentences, would have already served their time under today’s drug laws and sentencing policies, according to White House counsel Neil Eggleston

via sweetness-light


Howard Dean: U.S. Should Walk Away from Iran Negotiations

Dean agrees with Scarborough

In a move that stunned the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, liberal former Vermont governor Howard Dean agreed that the U.S. should now walk away from the nuclear negotiation table with Iran.

Talks in Lausanne, Switzerland over the Islamic theocracy’s nuclear program extended past Tuesday night’s deadline, with negotiators stuck on what to do with the uranium already enriched and the time it would take for Iran to convert an approved nuclear energy program into one capable of producing weapons. While these details remain unresolved, Iranian negotiators are still demanding an immediate end to international sanctions on their country


Tom Cotton: Obama Extending Deadline 'Sends a Signal of Weakness to the Iranians'

"O negotiating from a position of weakness"..."We are on the verge of a very bad deal"

Sen. Tom Cotton was on Fox News' The Kelly File. He believes we should walk away from the negotiating table now and resume sanctions against Iran immediately


Lou Dobbs Nails it (VIDEO)

Quote of the day:

Lou Dobbs points out that previous investigations into Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and Secret Service went absolutely nowhere. He asks, why should we expect Hillary #ServerGate to be any different?

A very good question.

Dobbs says Trey Gowdy is a good prosecutor, but he's working uphill.  Recent scandals end up being a distant memory with time and he wouldn't be surprised (me either) if this one goes nowhere also.

"The investigation into Hillary will go on, Gowdy and his colleagues will make a good faith effort. But to actually bring Hillary Clinton to account in the email scandal or Benghazi, there's every reason to doubt"

Excellent commentary by Lou Dobbs on Fox Business tonight