Rush: PM Harper vs. President Obama on Ottawa Terrorist Attack

Rush: 'Remember when we had leaders like PM Stephen Harper?...The Canadians are not pretending this isn't terrorism'

Obama: "We don't yet have all of the information about whether this was part of a broader network or plan or whether this was an individual or series of individuals who decided to take these action, but it emphasizes the degree to which we have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorists"

PM Harper:  'This week's events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to terrorist attacks around the world. We are also reminded that terrorist attacks on our security personnel and our institutions of governance are by their very nature attacks on our country....Let there be no misunderstanding, we will not be intimidated, we will never be intimidated'

From the first hour of the Rush Limbaugh radio show today:

Rush plays both audios, one from PM Stephen Harper, the other from President Obama on the terrorist attack that happened yesterday in Ottawa. Rush calls Obama's response 'political correctness on parade'


Video- 15-Year-Old ISIS Fighter Describes Atrocities

'They gave me a choice, join ISIS or be beheaded'

15-year-old Kareem Mufleh, left, is led out of his jail cell to speak with CBS correspondent Holly Williams. She visited a prison that is controlled by Kurdish forces

The 15 year old says ISIS would give fighters a drug that causes you to lose your mind, making you willing to strap on a suicide vest.

SYRIA - In the basement of a prison in northern Syria, men accused of being ISIS terrorists were led in one by one. The guards holding them are part of a Kurdish group fighting against the Islamic extremists and don't want to be identified.

15-year-old Kareem Mufleh freely admits that he fought with ISIS

They captured my village and gave me a choice," he said. "Either join ISIS, or be beheaded."

ISIS has embarked on a reign of fear. Mufleh told us he was a witness to massacres when ISIS seized villages in Syria.

"I even saw them kill a woman because her wedding dress showed her neck and bare arms," Mufleh said. He claims that ISIS gave him the anti-anxiety drug Zolam before he went in to battle. "That drug makes you lose your mind," he said. "If they give you a suicide belt and tell you to blow yourself up, you'll do it."


California: YouTube Video Shows Group of Bikers Taunting CHP Officer

Motorcycle cop tries to pull the pack over. They refuse

Footage shows a pack of bikers doing wheelies and speeding on 680 coming from Milpitas and passing Montague Expressway heading into San Jose

The video shot on a helmet camera shows the CHP officer on a motorcycle try to pull over some of the bikers, but they ignore his siren and refuse to stop. They continue to do tricks as he tries to pull them over.

Eventually the officer rides away and the bikers wave goodbye



Al Sharpton to Reporter in Ottawa: 'What's The Latest Tonight in Iowa?'

Reporter: Uh, I'm in Ottawa



World Series Ratings Off to Worst Start on Record

Down 19% from 2013
Down 6% from 2012

The Kansas City Royals were a great story in baseball this year, but as a team with little star power that hails from a small market, their surprise run to face the San Francisco Giants in the World Series may not be resonating with more casual sports fans.

Fox attracted a still-sizable audience to Game 1 of the Fall Classic on Tuesday — 12.2 million — but this left it tied with the 2012 Texas-San Francisco opener, which previously had been the smallest audience to kick things off. Last year’s World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox averaged about 15 million, jumping 23% from 2012.

And in the adults 18-49 demo, Tuesday’s game did a 3.4 rating to win the night for Fox. This was down 19% from last year (4.2) and 6% from 2012 (3.6) for a new low.

By comparison, the NBA Finals averaged a 6.0 demo rating and 14.9 million total viewers on ABC for Game 1 of its series between San Antonio and Miami in June.


Photo: Black Flag of ISIS Flies Just a Few Hundred Feet Away From Kurdish Flag in Kobane

  Islamic State's black jihadist flag is still visible in Kobane - despite Kurdish territorial gains and weeks of sustained airstrikes by American and Arab warplanes. The ISIS flag is just a few blocks away from a  yellow, triangular flag of the Kurdish People's Protection (Reuters Photo)

The terrorist group was thought to have been pushed out of the center of the besieged Syrian city after hundreds of brave Kurdish resistance fighters coordinated fierce street battles with coalition bombing raids - forcing the well-equipped Jihadis to retreat into the outskirts of Kobane.

But this morning the group's black jihadist flag could clearly still be seen inside city, raised over a multi-storey building just a few hundred feet away from where the yellow, triangular flag of the Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG) could be seen fluttering above a largely destroyed housing complex.

The image emerged as American and Arab jets launched fresh attacks on ISIS positions in the north of Kobane - with pyrotechnic tracer ammunition lighting up the night sky and coalition warplanes destroying ISIS-held buildings with a barrage of air-to-surface missiles. The chilling image of the ISIS flag still flying in Kobane emerged as lawmakers in Iraq's largely autonomous Kurdish region authorized peshmerga forces to cross into neighboring Syria to help fellow Kurds combat Islamic State militants in the city, providing much-needed boots on the ground.

The unprecedented deployment will almost certainly depend on the support of Turkey, whose president criticized a U.S. airdrop of arms to Kurdish fighters after some of the weapons wound up in the hands of the extremists.


Vietnam Veteran Dies After 'Do-Not-Resuscitate' Armband Mistakenly Placed on Him at VA Hospital

Sacramento VA Hospital

  A Vietnam veteran and former deputy sheriff who died following surgery last week at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center here had a do-not-resuscitate armband mistakenly placed on him, VA officials said.

But the officials insisted the error was not fatal because doctors quickly checked the medical records of Roland Mayo, 65, of Citrus Heights, Calif., to confirm the designation.

"Friday morning he was smiling and doing fine," said Delania Mayo Kenton, the youngest of Mayo's three grown children.

Privacy rules prevent the VA from identifying the patient to anyone other than his next of kin, in this case his twin brother, spokeswoman Tara Ricks said Monday.

Kenton and Mayo's daughter-in-law were among the family members who identified Mayo as the patient.

Kenton, who lives in Los Angeles, said her father was hospitalized Oct. 8 for a stent replacement in his carotid artery but that complications from previous cancer surgery required a second operation. Initial reports from family members at the hospital were that the second surgery had gone well.

Here is video-
The daughter of the Veteran who died wants answers and not surprisingly, she's not getting any from the VA

Amber Vinson, Dallas Nurse Who Contracted Ebola No Longer Has Virus

Her mother, Debra Berry, said doctors can no longer detect the virus in Vinson’s body. She will be transferred from isolation

ABC News
A Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola from Liberian national Thomas Duncan is virus-free, her mother told ABC News in a statement.

Amber Vinson became the second person to contract Ebola in the United States after she treated Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Duncan died of the virus on Oct. 8, and Vinson's fellow nurse, Nina Pham, 26, tested positive for Ebola on Oct. 11.

Vinson, 29, was diagnosed on Oct. 15 and transported to the isolation unit at Emory University Hospital for treatment.
"We are overjoyed to announce that, as of yesterday [Tuesday] evening, officials at Emory University Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control are no longer able to detect virus in her body," the family said in the statement today, adding that Vinson should be able to leave the isolation unit.

"Amber and our family are ecstatic to receive this latest report on her condition," Vinson's mother, Debra Berry, said in a statement. "We all know that further treatment will be necessary as Amber continues to regain strength, but these latest developments have truly answered prayers and bring our family one step closer to reuniting with her at home."
Officials in Ohio continue to monitor over 100 people who came into contact with Vinson during a three-day trip to Ohio last weekend. Vinson flew back to Dallas on a Frontier Airlines flight on Monday, Oct. 13, the day before she was diagnosed with the disease.

So far, no one in the state has contracted Ebola virus disease.

More here...


Video- Iraqi Army Recaptures Highway Near Tikrit From ISIS

The fight against ISIS is happening on many fronts. In northern Iraq, the army is trying again to take back Tikrit. With the help of various militia, Iraqi forces have recaptured three villages nearby. The military has been trying to secure the main highway from Baghdad to the oil-rich city of Baiji. Tikrit lies on that route, and together with Baiji is among the army's key goals. Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive access to the operation which began on Monday. Imran Khan reports from Baghdad.


Raw Video: Shooting Inside Canadian Parliament

Footage from The Globe and Mail shows police entering Canadian Parliament in Ontario as multiple shots are fired inside.

OTTAWA: A gunman shot a soldier at the Canadian war memorial in Ottawa and was then chased by police into the main parliament building, where at least 30 more shots were fired, according to media and eyewitness reports on Wednesday.

Parliament was locked down and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had left the building safely as police converged on the area.

As the situation developed, CBC News said in a tweeted news alert that more shots were fired near parliament and the gunman was still at large


Mark Cuban: Republicans Need to Drop the Social Issues if They Want to Win

Guaranteed way to keep the base home....

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has some advice for the Republican Party: Drop the social issues.

"If I was going to give guidance to the Republican Party ... I'd say, 'Stay completely out of social issues,'" Cuban said Tuesday morning on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

The "Shark Tank" star and Dallas Mavericks owner said this would allow the GOP to communicate a strong message on the economy.

"If you stay out of social issues, then the conversation from that side will only be about economics, and business, and growing business, and ideas," he said. "It should be easy!"

Cuban also said he would have expected today's policymakers to agree with him, given that many of them grew up in the 1960s and 1970s.