Judge Jeanine Opening Statement: 'It's Time For Americans To Realize, It's US Against THEM'...'Our Worst Fears May Very Well Be Here'

"We're seeing the dawn of a new era, where the torture is medieval, the enemy barbaric and the consequence to your freedom -enormous!"

"What this country faces is no longer a threat, it is a reality"

"Until we put the fear of God in them, they're going to keep coming"


Ted Cruz Wins Values Voter Straw Poll

Ted Cruz 25%, Ben Carson 20%, Mike Huckabee 12%

The crowd burst onto applause on Saturday, as Family Research Council President Tony Perkins announced that Cruz won 25 percent of votes at the annual Washington conference.

The victory is a big victory to the Republican firebrand and Tea Party icon, coming just a day after he drew standing ovations with a religious and emotional speech that blasted ObamaCare, congressional Democrats and called for Republicans to take over the White House in 2016.
Cruz also won the straw poll in 2013.

Coming in second was neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a political novice who has a large following in conservative circles but said earlier this week that there is a “strong” likelihood that he would run for president. He won 20 percent of the votes.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee came in third, with 12 percent of the vote.

As a signal of Carson’s popularity at the summit, the former Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon came in first in the polling for vice president, winning 22 percent of the votes.

Cruz was the runner up in that contest, with 14 percent. Third was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) — who earned surprising admiration in his Friday evening address, despite his low showing in recent polls of potential 2016 contenders — with 11 percent of the vote.


Former Congressman James Traficant Dies At 73

The 'Beam Me Up' congressman was critically injured earlier this week when a tractor fell on him at his family farm

CLEVELAND - James Traficant, the colorful Ohio politician whose conviction for taking bribes and kickbacks made him only the second person to be expelled from Congress since the Civil War, died Saturday. He was 73.

Traficant was seriously injured Tuesday after a vintage tractor flipped over on him as he tried to park it inside a barn on the family farm near Youngstown. He died four days later in a Youngstown hospital, said Dave Betras, chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party.

The Democrat's expulsion from Congress in 2002 came three months after a federal jury in Cleveland convicted him. Prosecutors said he used his office to extract bribes from businesspeople and coerced staffers to work on his farm and his house boat on the Potomac River in Washington.

Many times James Traficant sounded more like a Republican than he did a Democrat. He used to blast out of control spending, illegal immigration and corruption in his own party. He was no fan of President Clinton and even voted for Republican Dennis Hastert for Speaker over Democrat Dick Gephardt (in the 90s)

I remember many times when Rush would play clips of Traficant's speeches on the House floor on the Rush Limbaugh Television Show. Some are still on YouTube. He also is the only Dem that I know of that has called into the Rush Limbaugh radio program,  I think that was in the late 90s, if I remember correctly.

Here's one of his speeches on the House floor on Illegal aliens-
"Anybody that jumps the fence shouldn't be made a citizen, they should be thrown out!"
RIP Congressman Traficant


Cop: 'I Wish I'd Have Killed him'

Oklahoma State Trooper Betsy Randolph describes an earlier encounter with Alton Alexander Nolen, a suspect in the beheading of an Oklahoma woman.

Randolph talks about the night she arrested Alton Nolen-

She breaks down.


VIDEO- Sarah Palin Mocks Obama's 'Latte Salute' At Values Voter Summit

"In 2 years, it will be the end of an error"..."The Obama error"

"We did not need this fundamental transformation of America"

Palin jabs O for his latte salute at the 5:30 mark

A solid speech from Sarah Palin-


Not Even Close: 70% of REDSKINS Fans Say Team Should Keep the Name

A new WUSA9 poll suggests a strong majority of Washingtonians still support the pro football team's name.

The poll found 65% of adults in the region think the team should keep its name. 31% say it should be changed

Among Redskins fans, the number jumps to 70-27.

Incredibly, 72% of those surveyed don't have a problem with announcers using the term 'Redskins' on the air or in print

Not a surprise here-
It's mostly libs (at 46%) who want to change the name

(Among demographic group who want name changed)

Here is the video reporter from WUSA9
The survey is of those who live in and around Washington D.C. and of Redskins fans


WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest Repeats Falsehood That Core Al-Qaeda 'Has Been Decimated'

Question from ABC's Jonathan Karl:
"Is it time to revise and extend what the WH has been saying over and over again, that core-Al Qaeda has been decimated. Is it clear now that was simply an incorrect statement?
Josh Earnest: 'It continues to be clear to this day that core-Al Qaeda has been decimated'

Josh Earnest follows up with what could be the whopper of the week-
Earnest: Core al-Qaeda has been so decimated in Afghanistan and Pakistan that they had to flee to another country (Syria) to find another safe-haven


Ohio: Outrage After Police Officer Caught on Camera Sleeping in His Patrol Car While Holding Book


Book propped up on steering wheel, officer sleeping on the job.

Photo taken by citizen who walked up on the cruiser

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — The Fox 8 I-Team has learned that a Cleveland Heights police officer, who was caught on camera while snoozing on the job, is now the focus of an internal investigation.

It was a concerned citizen who snapped the photo of the napping patrolman, apparently asleep in his patrol car with a textbook propped up on his steering wheel, while sitting in a parking lot on Wednesday.

When the photo of the drowsy cop was posted on social media and then shared with his superiors at Cleveland Heights Police Headquarters, they were not amused.

Chief Jeff Robertson told the I-Team, “Oh, I was upset. You know we strive to let the citizens know what we’re doing out here. We have a lot of hardworking men and women on this police department, and when you see something like this, it puts a stain on us, and it upsets me.”

In Cleveland Heights’ Coventry neighborhood, some citizens are willing to give the sleepy officer a break, but others wonder why he couldn’t find something more important to do.

Local Fox talks to the Police Chief here, who is not happy: "You’re not paid to go to sleep; you’re paid to be here and patrol the city. And do what you’re hired to do, and that’s to serve the citizens. No, it’s completely unacceptable”



Darrell Issa: Eric Holder Strong Armed Reporters, Ignored High-Level Wrongdoing, Blocked the Inspector General, Stonewalled Congress and Abused His Office



September 25, 2014

Chairman Issa Statement on Attorney General Holder Stepping Down

“Eric Holder is the most divisive U.S. Attorney General in modern history and, in a vote supported by 17 Democratic House Members, has the dubious historic distinction of being the first Attorney General held in criminal contempt by the U.S. House of Representatives,” said Chairman Issa. “Time and again, Eric Holder administered justice as the political activist he describes himself as instead of an unbiased law enforcement official. By needlessly injecting politics into law enforcement, Attorney General Holder’s legacy has eroded more confidence in our legal system than any Attorney General before him.

Through strong arming reporters, practically ignoring high level wrongdoing, blocking his own agency Inspector General’s access to information, and overseeing a Department that attempted to stonewall Congressional oversight with denials of what is now established fact, Attorney General Holder abused his office and failed to uphold the values of our Constitution. While President Obama and the Senate should work expeditiously to find a replacement, time and care must be taken to ensure that our next Attorney General recognizes and does not repeat Mr. Holder’s mistakes.”

Here's Chairman Issa on the Kelly File reacting to the Holder resignation


1-in-4 Americans 25-54 Not Working

A whopping 29 Million Americans

A new chart from the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee shows a startling fact: Almost 1 in 4 Americans between the ages of 25-54 (or prime working years) are not working.

"There are 124.5 million Americans in their prime working years (ages 25–54). Nearly one-quarter of this group—28.9 million people, or 23.2 percent of the total—is not currently employed. They either became so discouraged that they left the labor force entirely, or they are in the labor force but unemployed. This group of non-employed individuals is more than 3.5 million larger than before the recession began in 2007"

"Those attempting to minimize the startling figures about America’s vanishing workforce—workplace participation overall is near a four-decade low—will say an aging population is to blame.

But in fact, while the workforce overall has shrunk nearly 10 million since 2009, the cohort of workers in the labor force ages 55 to 64 has actually increased over that same period, with many delaying retirement due to poor economic conditions.

Chart showing those in that age group currently employed (95.6 million) and those who aren't (28.9 million)


Poll: Obama's Approval Among Hispanics Falls

Down 22 points from last year

President Obama's approval rating among Hispanics has fallen to 52 percent, down from 74 percent at the beginning of last year, according to Gallup data released Friday.

The data only stretch through August, meaning that any affect from Obama's decision earlier this month to delay executive action on immigration is not included.

Obama's approval among Hispanics is still 10 points higher than among the population as a whole, 42 percent. But that gap has closed since Obama's reelection in 2012, when Hispanic approval was 22 points higher.
The numbers among Hispanics hit a peak of 72 percent in June of 2012 when, in the midst of Obama's reelection battle, he announced a program to defer deportations for some people brought to the country illegally as children.

Other polls have also shown a drop in Hispanic approval. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this month showed the rating at 47 percent, down from 62 percent in April 2013.

That poll was also taken before the White House announced the delay of immigration action, so the numbers could be even lower now.

In 2012, Obama carried the Latino vote 71-27 over Mitt Romney
(Exit Polls via CNN)