Obama Cancels Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Yeah,  O concerned about the optics of going on Kimmel while there's war in the Middle-East and following the downing of the airliner in Ukraine.

But hitting DNC fundraisers this week, one in San Francisco, one in Seattle, another in LA -No problem!
16 day vacation in Martha's Vineyard in August -No problem with the optics there.
Last week- Shooting pool, drinking beer, yukking it up at a bar in Colorado while there's a crisis at the southern border- ahhh forget about it.

As violence exploded in the Middle East and the world recoiled at the destruction of a commercial jetliner, President Obama kept largely to his schedule, which included recent appearances at Democratic fundraisers that drew criticism from political opponents..

But yukking it up alongside comedian Jimmy Kimmel was apparently a couch too far.

The entertainment news site TMZ.com reported Monday that Obama would appear on the late-night ABC program during his visit to Los Angeles this week.

Not this trip, said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

"In advance of the trip, we've been in touch with Kimmel's folks about the president doing his show,” Earnest said. “We elected not to do it this time, but hope we can arrange to do it in the near future."

The comedy couch has become a regular campaign stop for politicians of all stripes. Obama and his wife Michelle took part in the “Tonight Show” during Jay Leno’s tenure and both have also visited with his late-night heir, Jimmy Fallon —the first lady with a dance routine that mocked “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.”

But joining Kimmel this week would have meant ceding control during a politically and diplomatically fraught period. And while the fundraisers that Obama has continued to attend — and will again in Los Angeles — have drawn criticism, they do not generate visuals of the sort that would have been created by a Kimmel visit


Poll: 42% Say Hillary Clinton Performance as Secretary of State Excellent/Good, 53% Say Fair/Poor

Dems the only reason her numbers are not in the tank here. 79% of Democrats polled viewed her performance as either good or excellent, only 12% of Republicans

A majority of voters are unimpressed with Hillary Clinton’s performance as secretary of State, according to a new POLITICO poll.

Just 14 percent described her time at State — she served four years ending in February 2013 — as “excellent,” while another 28 percent defined it as “good.” Another 21 percent called it “fair” and 32 percent rated her performance “poor.” Six percent weren’t sure or declined to answer. The survey of likely voters in states and districts with the most competitive House and Senate races was conducted this month as Clinton traveled around the country to promote her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” and discuss her time at the nation’s top diplomat.

Clinton’s ratings did not vary meaningfully across income levels or age, but there was a clear partisan divide over the former secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate. Some 79 percent of Democrats viewed her performance as either good or excellent, while just 12 percent of Republicans saw her that way. Only 15 percent of Democrats thought she did the job fairly or poorly, in contrast to 86 percent of Republicans.

Yet, in a potential warning sign for Clinton, independents gave her poor marks by a nearly 2-to-1 margin: 60 percent of viewed her performance as “fair” or “poor,” compared with just 33 percent who answered “excellent” or “good.”
Politico poll
How would you rate the job that Hillary Clinton did as Secretary of State?


Dad Who Lost Only Daughter on Malaysia Flight 17 Speaks Out, Blasts Putin

The father of a Dutch schoolgirl killed on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has penned an open letter blaming 'Monster Mr Putin' for his daughter's death.

Elsemiek de Borst, 17, was killed alongside her mother, step-brother and step-father when the Boeing 777 passenger plane they were travelling on was shot out of the sky over eastern Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile last Thursday.

Now her father Hans has posted a grief-stricken open letter online outlining all the things his daughter had planned to do after leaving high school and accusing the Russian president and pro-Kremlin rebels in eastern Ukraine of ruining his life.

Photo 17-Year-old Elsemiek Borst

Borst wrote in a letter,
'Mr Putin, Many thanks to the Separatist leaders of Ukrainian government for the murder of my dear and only child, Elsemiek.

NBC Nightly has video of the dad
'I lost her in one second'...'And now my child lies there in the field'


Bret Baier Plays Kerry's Hot-Mic Moment For PM Netanyahu (Video)

PM Benjamin Netanyahu told Baier he did not want to deal with Kerry’s “off-the-cuff remarks.”

However, he said no “surgical operation” comes with the guarantee that Hamas will not fire on Israeli soldiers from civilian homes, which would force a lethal response.

“You hit them back,” Netanyahu said. “Of course some people are going to be hurt. That's totally different than deliberately targeting them.”

Netanyahu also said he worries that gruesome images could give Americans a distorted picture of the reality in Israel. However, he argued Americans can see past what he said was Hamas hiding behind civilians.

“They only see the last reel of [the] movie,” Netanyahu said. “They don't see the part that comes before where Hamas is embedding itself in civilians, hiding behind them, firing on us, hoping that … when we do attack the rocketeers and their fighters that civilian deaths will be caused because they want them to be caused.”

Netanyahu interviewed on Fox News Special Report


Brit Hume: Obama Statement on Downed Malaysian Airliner Full of “Empty Threats” Toward Vladimir Putin

'Putin is saying, can I get away with this? Can I run off with the evidence, thumb my nose at the world and get away with it'

'When there are no consequences enumerated by another leader such as Obama, what makes him think he can't?'



Obama on Biden: 'Joe Would Be a Superb President'


President Obama isn’t endorsing a successor just yet, but he’s got good things to say about Vice President Biden’s ability to step into the job.
“I think Joe would be a superb president,” Obama told Evan Osnos, for a lengthy Biden profile in The New Yorker. “He has seen the job up close, he knows what the job entails. He understands how to separate what’s really important from what’s less important. I think he’s got great people skills. He enjoys politics, and he’s got important relationships on the Hill that would serve him well.”
Obama’s comments about his No. 2 follow the nice things he had to say a few months ago about Hillary Rodham Clinton, his former secretary of State who is leading all the early polls on the 2016 presidential race.

“I don’t know what she’s going to decide to do, but I know that if she were to run for president, I think she’d be very effective at that,” Obama said in May during a chat on Live with Kelly and Michael.


Rev. William Barber: Republicans Blocking Obama Agenda Because 'They Don't Like Little Black Girls Having Pajama Parties in the White House' (Video)

Barber outdoes himself.

This is the same Rev. William Barber that likened GOP Senator Tim Scott to a Ventriloquist’s Dummy (for the right wing) back a few months ago

He also said the GOP uses people of color as 'mouthpieces' 

At the Netroots Nation conference over the weekend, Barber, who is director of the North Carolina NAACP said Republicans are blocking Obama because 'they don't like little black girls having pajama parties in the WH'

Here is the video-


Westboro Freaks Celebrate Downing of Malaysia Airliner as an 'Act of God'

As tributes poured in for the 298 people who died on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, members of a notorious American church said the crash was a punishment by God.

Less than a day after the tragic incident, the Westboro Baptist Church made a number of posts on its Twitter page regarding the plane crash itself, as well as a group of Aids researchers who were on board the flight.

The Church, founded by the late preacher Fred Phelps, is known for its extreme ideologies - particularly its anti-homosexual stance. Its members often picket the funerals of US service personnel, believing their deaths are God’s punishment for the American government legalizing homosexuality.

Alongside a tweet featuring the words “God’s Wrath is Revealed” in flames, the Church posted a link to a page on its website explaining its belief that God caused the crash to gain the attention of the countries whose citizens were on board.

Via Westboro: 'Thank God that this righteous work of God has grabbed the attention of the world. It is time to speak some truth! It is the time to declare plainly and unapologetically: The Judge of All the Earth Shall Do Right!'


Video- Sky News Apologizes After Reporter Digs Through MH17 Crash Victim's Suitcase

Colin Brazier -Sky News

Sky News released an official statement apologizing for reporter Colin Brazier’s insensitivity after he began rummaging through the luggage of a passenger killed aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. “It’s ghoulish.

It’s heart-wrenching. It’s difficult,” Brazier said. “We’re not showing you pictures of the body parts and horribly charred remains which litter the fields and roadsides here.” The camera scans across luggage lying in the field, then catches Brazier digging through an open suitcase containing a girl’s backpack, keys and other personal items. “We shouldn’t really be doing this, I suppose,” Brazier said.

Brazier stepped away from the suitcase and then began discussing the arrival of OSCE investigators. However, the transition didn’t distract viewers from confronting Brazier’s upsetting breach of privacy.

'We shouldn't really be doing this'



MH17 Passenger's Body Crashed Through A House

CNN Reporter in Rasypnoye, Ukraine

He says he's about a 10 minute drive from the crash site. He shows viewers a home behind him that had a passenger from Malaysia Flight MH 17 crash through the house after the airliner was hit. A woman and her son were there at the time.

The body remained inside the home for 2 days


Kerry Says Americans Should Be 'Proud' of The Obama Adm's Foreign Policy Successes -Including in Syria, Iran and Iraq


John Kerry on NBC's Meet the Press told David Gregory that The United States of America has never been more engaged in helping to lead in more places than we are now.

Iran: "With respect to Iran, this president has taken the risk of putting together a negotiation. For the first time in ten years, the Iranian nuclear program is actually being rolled backwards. And Israel and the region are safer than they were"

Really? Everyday Iran gets closer and closer everyday to building a nuclear weapon and Iran isn't  rolling back anything. And your own State Dept. website calls Iran the "most active state sponsor of terrorism"

Syria: "With respect to Syria, we struck a deal where we got 100% of the chemical weapons out.

Really? Syria still had 12 locations where chemical weapons had been stored that haven't been dismantled.

Iraq: (Laughable) "With respect the Iraq, we are deeply involved now in the process of government formation, helping the Iraqis to be able to choose a government of unity that can reunite it. They've elected a speaker. They're about to elect a president. We believe that's moving forward.

OMG. Maybe Sec. Kerry must have missed the fact that #ISIS terrorists took over and now control nearly all the northern half of Iraq. At one point they were 34 miles from the capital of Baghdad. Maybe he missed the slaughter of Iraqi forces, instituting sharia law and driving out tens of thousands of Christians from the country.  Yeah, Iraq is 'moving forward' under Obama's leadership.

This man is living in another universe 
Here's Kerry- Obama foreign policy is a true success story