Illegal Immigrant Tells CNN She Was Inspired To Cross Border by Obama Amnesty

CNN Correspondent talks to illegals at a bus station near the U.S.-Mexico border-
Yeah, amnesty inspired us...

According to Obama the border is super-secure. According to reality it’s as open as his mouth. And implementing amnesty is leading to more illegal aliens.

An illegal immigrant woman at a border bus stop in Mission, Texas told CNN that she was inspired to cross into the United States now because of the impending amnesty being offered by President Obama.

“Did the possibility of immigration reform inspire you to come now?” CNN’s Alina Machado asked the Central American migrant waiting for a bus ticket on Thursday.

“Yes, that’s right,” the woman said. “That inspired us.”

“Now?” the reporter pressed.

“Yes, now,” the woman replied.


Krauthammer: 'This is an Invitation to a Mass Migration'... 'A Gigantic Neon Sign on the Rio Grande'

'Come here illegally and eventually you will be legalized'...

Watch Charles on tonight's Special Report-



Here's the new web ad from the RNC put out today-


Senate Democrats: We're Telling President Obama Before All These TV Cameras, 'We've Got His Back'

Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Patty Murray standing shoulder to shoulder with President Obama as he tramples the constitution with his lawless executive actions.

Here's video of today's presser-


Jonathan Gruber Loses Job as Vermont Obamacare Adviser

Gruber's comments about Obamacare "are offensive and inappropriate"

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has lost his job advising Vermont on setting up its state-run healthcare system, Fox News reports.

The MIT economist has been under fire since videos emerged of him early last week acknowledging that the Affordable Care Act was passed because it was written with language to obfuscate the fact that people were being taxed.

That, along with Gruber's saying the crafters relied on "the stupidity of the American voter," has caused a backlash. Five Republican members of the Vermont General Assembly called on Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin to cancel Gruber's contract.

On Wednesday, Shumlin's spokesman Lawrence Miller said in a prepared statement that Gruber's comments "are offensive, inappropriate and do not reflect the thinking of this administration or how we do things in Vermont . . . As we have also said, we need solid economic modeling in order to move forward with healthcare reform."

Miller said he told Gruber "that I expect his team to complete the work that we need to provide the legislature and Vermonters with a public healthcare financing plan. I've informed Mr. Gruber that we will not be paying him any further for his part in completing that work."


Martha MacCallum to Josh Earnest: Why Didn't President Obama Take Up Amnesty When He Had both Houses of Congress?

Well, at the time we were dealing with the 'worst economic downturn since the Great Depression' don't you know.

Fox News' Martha MacCallum challenged White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest this morning on how and why President Obama has reversed course on using executive actions on immigration reform.

Obama has stated numerous times in recent years that he does not have the authority to act without Congress to reform the immigration system the way he would like.

For instance, in May 2011 he said, "Sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that's now how democracy works."

"You've heard all those statements. The question is, what has changed? What has changed the president's mind on this issue so completely," MacCallum asked.


Rush: President Obama Is Gonna Look Us In the Eye And Say, 'Screw You, This Is What I Think of This Constitution'

Rush opens his show: 'We are hours away from The Constitution being shot full of holes'

'Everybody on the Obama side knows this is not permitted, and that is part of the thrill for them, that they're gonna get away with this and nothing is going to happen to them'

Listen to the audio:


Obama Flashback: 'Good Thing About Being President, I Can Do Whatever I Want

Another flashback of Emperor Obama



Obama Flashback: Bush Thinks He Can Make Laws As He Goes Along

'I taught the constitution for 10 years'

Bush can't change a law that congress passed...


Democrat Jim Webb Launches 2016 Exploratory Committee:

Hillary is not gonna like this. 

One Democrat just took the first official step towards running for president in 2016 – and it isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Former Democratic Senator Jim Webb has launched an exploratory committee to consider a 2016 run, he announced late Wednesday night. The committee gives him the ability to fundraise, spend, and organize like a presidential campaign, without officially declaring just yet.

Webb is largely an underdog candidate in the shadow of the presumed frontrunner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but the popular former senator from Virginia has moderate, anti-war credentials that might ring true with liberals and moderates voters sick of gridlock and military operations.

“Over the past few months, thousands of concerned Americans across the political spectrum have asked me to run for president,” Webb said in a video posted to his website. “A constant theme runs through these requests. Americans want positive, visionary leadership that they can trust.”

Webb has even put up a 2016 video: 'We desperately need to fix our country'...'Americans want positive leadership they can trust'
Kinda sounds like he's serious about a run here...