Denver Police Caught on Video Using Excessive Force on Man at Coors Field

The video has now gone viral. This is all over a vendor thinking that the man was under 21, the man is actually 22 years old. ABC 7 reports that the police were asked to get involved (about the man's age). It goes downhill from there, all because of this cop, who is a Captain in the Denver PD

CBS4 - Police are investigating a videotaped altercation between an officer and a fan who police say was drunk at a Colorado Rockies game on Tuesday.

The cellphone video, taken on a concourse at Coors Field, shows Captain Joe Black repeatedly telling the fan to sit down before shoving him. The fan then yells, “Officer, that is abuse!”

The fan was removed from the stadium but not arrested.

The department issued a statement that read in part: “We want everyone to know that Chief (Robert) White ‘hears’ your concern about the recent video involving DPD. He is closely monitoring the investigation and will share the results with everyone when appropriate. If the investigation results in a violation, then the officer will be held accountable. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we investigate

Denver Police 'investigating'


RNC: 'Fundraiser-in-Chief'

New ad from the RNC rips Obama as the 'fundraiser-in-chief' using only clips from local news reports. Great ad-


#ISIS Blows Up Prophet Jonah's Tomb in Mosul, Iraq (Video)

ISIS has threatened to destroy any shrine it deems un-Islamic. New video. Jonah's Tomb blown to pieces. This is in Mosul, which is the capital of Nineveh Province


If you blink during the video, you might miss the moment Jonah's tomb in Mosul, Iraq, explodes.

The first few frames show the revered shrine towering over its landscape. There's a sudden burst of dust, fire and smoke. Then, nothing.

CNN could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the video, which was posted to YouTube.

The holy site is thought to be the burial place of the prophet Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale or fish in both the Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.

Militants belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, planted explosives around the tomb and detonated the explosion remotely Thursday, civil defense officials there told CNN.

The tomb was inside a Sunni mosque called the Mosque of the Prophet Younis.

ISIS  has threatened to destroy any shrine it deems un-Islamic.


Flashback Video:  Obama in June
  We have to make sure 'these Jihadists don't get a permanent foothold in Iraq'
Yeah. Good one.


Florida Man Reports Fake Murder To Get Out of Speeding Ticket (Video)

Now instead of a $150 speeding ticket, he's facing a felony and 5 years in jail.
Listen to the call- 'There's a man under gun'

WEST MELBOURNE, Florida - Police say a man called 911 to report a possible murder in progress as he was being pulled over by police in West Melbourne, CNN affiliate WESH reports.

According to police, Julius Lupowitz hoped the officer who pulled him over would respond to the murder call instead of write him a ticket.

The 911 calls were made on June 24, when a hysterical caller told the 911 dispatcher that "there was a man with a gun and someone was going to get shot," police said. The caller hung up before giving any more information.

Then came a second call. The caller told the dispatcher the same story.

After the caller hung up again, a dispatcher was able to trace the number to Lupowitz from a previous call and broadcast his name to responding officers.


Poll: 4-in-10 Americans Say Obama Doesn't Want to Be President Anymore

A pretty high number.
With almost exactly 2 1/2 years left in his second term, 4-in-10 say O has checked out.
The Fox News Poll released Wednesday asks the question-
Q31. Do you think Barack Obama wants to be president anymore?


VIDEO- Senator Lindsey Graham: NO Ceasefire Until Israel NEUTRALIZES Hamas

'We should be isolating Hamas, not bailing them out' -Graham

The United States should not push Israel into a ceasefire in its ground invasion in Gaza until Israeli forces have been able to "neutralize" the threats posed by Hamas, said Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The United States should be "isolating Hamas," rather than "bailing them out" with additional funding, Graham told Fox News' "Happening Now." He called for no ceasefire "until Hamas is removed as the governing entity in Gaza."

"I would not be pushing Israel to stop their ground invasion until they neutralize the threats they face from the rocket sites and the tunnels," the South Carolina Republican said Thursday.


Libs Protest Obama in LA (Photo)

Obama deports children? News to me.
He's the reason they're coming here.

People protest against deportations of undocumented migrants and against the war in Gaza, near where President Barack Obama was speaking at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College in Los Angeles, California July 24, 2014. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)


Kimmel Man on the Street: What Do You Think of the New Apple Smart Watch? (That Does Not Exist Yet)

'Classic Apple style'

People are shown a $20 Casio watch...


Credit Cards, Cell Phones Stolen From Victims of MH 17, Being Used in Ukraine

Putin's thugs.

The credit cards of victims of the MH17 tragedy have been stolen from the crash site and are being used in Ukraine in the latest heartbreaking development tormenting families.

A Ukrainian official has confirmed looters have taken cash, jewellery and credit cards from victims, and the widow of one victim has revealed she has had to cancel her husband's bank accounts.

Reine Dalziel, the wife of Cameron Dalziel, a South African with a British passport who was on board the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight, has had her grief exacerbated by the realization Mr Dalziel's credit cards had been used in the past week.

"They have no respect for each other, look what they're doing ... It's no surprise that they were treating the remains of people like that. It made me angry beyond words," Shane Hattingh, Mr Dalziel's brother-in-law, told CNN.

CNN reports that family members are having to cancel credit cards because of the activity
Watch the report on AC360


Video- Anti-Israel Protesters: 'U.S.A. Is The Biggest Terrorist Organization'

MRCtv's Dan Joseph heads down to a pro-Palestinian protest in front of the Convention Center in Washington D.C. to ask a few questions.

MRC: Do you believe Hamas is a terrorist group?
Protester: No, I believe the United States and Israel are terrorist groups


Flashback Video- Very First Time Obama Met Putin: 'I Found Him To Be Very Smart, Has a Practical Bent'

Photo: First handshake- Obama at the home of Vladimir Putin outside Moscow

 NBC's Chuck Todd begins the report saying, 'the 2 hour meeting was dominated by a 50-minute soliloquy by Putin.'
No doubt Putin knew he could steamroll this guy after the first meeting.
Listen to Obama-
This from early 2009-