Trump: Jeb Won't Beat Hillary Clinton (Video)

Trump tells Greta he's 'very, very, very seriously considering running'...'I could make America great again'

Van Susteren presses Trump on whether he'd be willing to walk away from everything to run for president. The Donald says he would, but I really don't think he's running

Here's video from tonight's Fox News-- Trump once again hits Romney and also says Jeb won't beat Hillary Clinton in 2016


Islamic State Group Pushed out of Kobani, Syria

'Fully expelled'

'Major defeat' for ISIS

Fox News
BEIRUT – Kurdish fighters backed by intense U.S.-led airstrikes pushed the Islamic State group entirely out of a key Syrian town on Monday, marking a major defeat for the extremists whose hopes for an easy victory when they pushed into Kobani last year dissolved into a bloody, costly and months-long siege.

As their victory neared, the Kurdish troops earlier in the day raised their flag on a hill overlooking the town just across the border with Turkey, replacing the Islamic State group's black banner.

The battlefield success is a major conquest both for Syria's embattled Kurds and the U.S.-led coalition, whose American coordinator had predicted that the Islamic State group would "impale itself" on Kobani.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Kobani-based Syrian activist Farhad Shami said the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, had been fully expelled, with some sporadic fighting on the ouster eastern edges of the town.


Rush Praises Scott Walker

'I believe Scott Walker is the blueprint for the Republican party if they are serious about beating the left'

From today's Rush Limbaugh program


Small Drone Crashes At White House

According to Secret Service, a small drone landed in a tree at 3 a.m. ET Monday. The WH went into lockdown. 

WASHINGTON (AP)  -- A small drone flying at low altitude crashed into the White House complex before dawn Monday, the Secret Service said. President Barack Obama was not at home and the White House said it did not pose a security threat.

The crash prompted an immediate lockdown of the White House grounds until officials could examine the drone. The Secret Service said the 2-foot-long device was a quadcopter — a small, unmanned aircraft that is lifted by four propellers.

"An investigation is underway to determine the origin of this commercially available device, motive, and to identify suspects," said Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary. He said the drone crashed on the southeast side of the White House complex just after 3 a.m.


Watch: Plane Runs Out of Fuel, Pilot Deploys Parachute For Emergency Landing in Pacific Ocean

A pilot who used an aircraft parachute to make an emergency landing near Maui, Hawaii when his plane ran out of fuel was rescued by a cruise ship.

The pilot of a single engine Cirrus SR-22 airplane ran out of fuel 253 miles northeast of the island and was saved after the US Coast Guard contacted a nearby cruise ship to rescue him.

Watch the Coast Guard video- This thing is going straight down, it then levels off and hits the water. The pilot jumps out like he's done this before. BTW, I didn't know planes had parachutes


Band 'Dropkick Murphys' to Scott Walker: Quit Using Our Music; 'We Literally Hate You'

Music group 'Dropkick Murphy's' (never heard of them) doesn't want Scott Walker to use their song anymore. He used a clip of their music at the Iowa Freedom Summit Saturday

This has happened a few times in the last few years, usually the people who are being told to stop playing music are conservatives.

Here are some:
The group Heart told Sarah Palin to stop playing 'Barracuda'
Mellencamp told John McCain to stop playing 'Our Country' (Both of these in 2008)
Tom Petty told Michele Bachmann stop playing 'American Girl' at her campaign stops
Twisted Sister told Paul Ryan to stop playing 'We're Not Gonna Take It' at his events

washingtontimes reported:
Boston-based Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys admonished Scott Walker for using their music for his political purposes, issuing a scathing tweet that they “literally hate” the Wisconsin governor.

The band took exception to Mr. Walker’s blaring of the band’s “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” as he took the stage Saturday at the Iowa Freedom Summit, tweeting to the Republican governor to “please stop using our music in any way … we literally hate you !!!”

The Dropkick Murphys have been at odds with Mr. Walker since 2011, when he introduced and brought to fruition a bill that limited the collective bargaining rights of unions. The band responded by selling pro-union T-shirts on their official website, A.V. Club reported.


McConnell: Obama Sounds Like He's Running For a Third Term

McConnell: 'He seemed to have completely forgotten or chose to ignore the election last November'


A top Republican joked in an interview broadcast late Sunday that President Obama may become the first president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to seek a third term in office.

Following the Obama’s State of the Union address last Tuesday, “my first thought was it sounded like he was running for a third term,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  tells CBS’s “60 Minutes.” 
Obama acknowledged this during his State of the Union address: “I have no more campaigns to run. I know because I won both of them.”

Nevertheless, Republicans remain uneasy about a president that they believe has overstepped his authority more than any other in recent memory.

Obama signaled during his address that he intends to forge ahead with his policy agenda in the final years of his administration.

“He seemed to have completely forgotten or chose to ignore the election last November,” McConnell said. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he is disappointed Obama didn’t extend an “olive branch” to the new Republican leadership during his speech.


Prosecutor Seeks 26 Years in Prison For Costa Concordia Captain

Abandoned ship.

Fox News
ROME – Prosecutors asked a court to convict the captain of the Costa Concordia and sentence him to 26 years in prison Monday for the 2012 shipwreck off Tuscany that killed 32 people, saying the term is hardly excessive given the death toll.

Prosecutor Maria Navarro also asked the court to detain Capt. Francesco Schettino again and seize his passport and navigation license, saying he is a flight risk. She said the trial had proved that Schettino "thought only and always about himself."

Schettino is being tried for manslaughter, causing the shipwreck and abandoning the Concordia while many passengers and crew members were still aboard. Survivors of the Jan. 13, 2012, wreck described a chaotic and delayed evacuation, with lifeboats unable to lower because the ship was already listing so much.


Petition Calls For White House to Award Chris Kyle the Medal Of Honor For Ultimate Sacrifice

This was mentioned on the Glenn Beck radio program this morning.

WH Petition:

"We the People respectfully request the White House to start the process to Award Chris Kyle the Medal of Honor. As a Veteran who served in two major wars I owe my life to not only my fellow Men and women in the military but also Kyle. Chris Kyle's devotion for our country to lay down his life for our freedoms resonates with a lot of us especially our Veterans.

 I did not know Chris or his family but his story is the same as my story and so many of our Veterans who have struggled or are still struggling with the lost of our brothers and sisters in arms as well as the hardships of being away from our families. His last mission was to be with his family while helping our Veterans heal the wounds outside and inside. Let's honor him with our nations highest honor for his sacrifice and his family"

Petition here---


Fox News Chris Wallace to WH Chief of Staff: Does President Obama Realize He LOST The Midterm Election? (Video)

McDonough ignores the question from Wallace and goes right to his talking points, repeating them like a robot--


Chris Christie: I Could 'Certainly' Win Iowa

NJ Gov. Chris Christie said he could “certainly” win Iowa in 2016.

He spoke exclusively with ABC News following his speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, the first major event of the year to bring together a dozen potential presidential candidates in Iowa. Christie has made six trips to the Hawkeye State since 2014.

“I don’t know why they keep inviting me back if I can’t win here,” Christie told ABC News. "I certainly think I could.”

As he prepares for a possible 2016 run, Christie has already tapped political operatives in the state, including Phil Valenziano, who served as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s Iowa field director ahead of the 2012 caucuses.

Christie also traveled to Iowa last week for the inauguration of Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

“I’m being deliberative about it and I’m not going to let anybody else rush me,” he said. “We’ll make it sometime soon, but everybody defines soon differently right?”


The current polling says otherwise. A survey by Gravis Marketing just one week ago, shows Chris Christie way back in pack in Iowa. He's at 5%.


Ron Fournier: Top Dems Worried That Obama's SOTU Put Hillary Clinton "In a Box"

Obama's SOTU wasn't about getting ready for 2016, it was about his legacy says Ron Fournier on FNS.


SNL Open Skewers Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Over #DeflateGate (Video)

'Did you have anything to do with deflating these balls?'