Obama Gives 'Latte Salute' to Marines After Stepping Off of Marine One

He didn't want to take 2 seconds and put the cup in his other hand and then salute. This is how much he honors the military. And where was this video (below) posted? Did a Fox reporter capture it? Maybe one of Hannity's people? A conservative blog? NO. The White House posted this on its own Instagram account

via ABC NEWS- When President Obama stepped off Marine One at the Wall Street landing zone in New York City, en route the United Nations, he saluted two Marines at the bottom of the stairs as he held a coffee cup in the same hand.

The unusual gesture appeared in an Instagram video posted by the White House on social media. Obama is also wearing sunglasses as he arrived, with the first lady not far behind.

The video drew ridicule from some Instagram users, who saw the unorthodox salute as "un-presidential."

"Hopefully it was just a slip by this President," one user posted. Others saw unnecessary nitpicking in the criticism.

While it is protocol for U.S. service members in uniform to salute the commander in chief, it's not required for a civilian president to salute back, military experts say. Ronald Reagan is thought to have set precedent for the practice back in 1981.

Here is the video-

Not a surprise here-
People commenting are going off...


ET Anchor to Bill Clinton: ‘Will It Feel Cool To Be in White House Again?

The Clintons thrive on the press begging Hillary to run in 2016

Entertainment Tonight co-anchor Nancy O’Dell’s September 22 coverage of the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative didn’t quite sound like that, but it was close. For her report, O’Dell interviewed “the biggest star of them all,” former President Bill Clinton, to continuously ask him about Hillary running in 2016. “If Hillary were to win the White House, will it feel cool to be in the White House again?” she asked at one point.

To introduce her segment, O’Dell wondered, “Will Hillary run for president? And is President Clinton ready to be the first husband?”

She turned to Bill Clinton for the answers: “What are you going to do now if she runs for the White House, and you lose her to the White House?”


Joe Biden 2012: If Mitt Romney Wins, We'll Go To War With Syria

Romney out of touch-

This is VP Biden at a campaign rally in York, Pennsylvania in September 2012


Don't Know Much About the Al Qaeda Splinter Group Khorasan? Dont Worry, Neither Does WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest (VIDEO)

Last night, the U.S. conducted airstrikes on a terrorist group in Syria called Khorasan. It is made up of Al Qaeda fighters from Afghanistan and is considered far more dangerous than ISIS because the group was planning “imminent” attacks against targets inside the United States

ABC's Brian Ross did an entire report on the terrorist group Khorasan this morning.  Khorasan is all over blogs today also

CBS News Major Garrett asked WH Press Sec. Josh Earnest about the terrorist group Khorasan just the other day. It is clear after watching the video, he knew nothing about it.


AP Reporter Deletes Tweet After Getting Caught Cheerleading For Obama

Photo- AP Reporter Josh Lederman

Tweet has been deleted


Survey: Democrats Fear Climate Change More Than Islamic Terrorism

Threat level-
Global warming 68%
Al Qaeda/Islamic State 67%

A recent survey found that Democrats believe the threat posed by climate change is greater than the threat posed by either al Qaeda or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL).

The Pew Research Center/USA Today survey, conducted between Aug. 20 and 24, shows that 68 percent of Democrats said global climate change is a “major threat” to the U.S. while 67 percent chose al Qaida and 65 percent chose ISIS as a major threat to the country.

On the Republican side, 80 percent said al Qaida was the major threat and 78 percent chose ISIS, while only 25 percent said global climate change was a major threat.

Among Independents, 69 percent chose al Qaeda as the major threat, 63 percent chose ISIS, and only 44 percent said climate change.

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Iranian President Calls U.S. Strikes on Syria illegal

Rouhani: Iran should take the lead

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday called the U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria illegal, noting they took place without authorization from the United Nations or Syria.

Rouhani, speaking to NBC News from New York, said the newly announced strikes against ISIS in Syria differ from the ongoing U.S. military campaign in Iraq because Iraq has given its permission.

The State Department said it informed the Syrian government of the strikes but did not coordinate with the country.  Separately, The Iranian president said he would likely not meet with President Obama during the United Nations General Assembly this week. 

"I do believe this meeting will probably not take place," he told NBC.

The White House had previously said it did not expect a meeting between the two leaders. Last year, the two leaders spoke by phone after the General Assembly.

The United States and other countries are engaged in nuclear negotiations with Iran. The White House has said it will make no concessions in the talks in exchange for the country's help combating ISIS.

“These are two separate matters that will be resolved separately,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.


Krauthammer: We Can Achieve a 1/2 Victory Against ISIS

Halfway there is all we can get in the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

In Iraq we have Iraqi troops, the Kurds on the ground and Sunni tribes.
In Syria, "there's nobody on the ground"

Degrade and defeat ISIS? "That I don't see" Charles said on FNF this morning


1 In 5 Workers Laid Off In Past 5 Years Still Unemployed -Survey

Number of long term unemployed - 3 Million

Still waiting on that recovery.

WASHINGTON -- Twenty-two percent of workers laid off in the past five years are still unemployed, according to a new survey.

The John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University surveyed more than 1,100 workers, including nearly 400 who are unemployed. A slim majority of laid-off workers in the survey, or 54 percent, said they received unemployment insurance when they lost their jobs. However, 83 percent of those who received benefits said the compensation ran out before they found jobs.

Congress dropped extended unemployment benefits at the end of last year, despite complaints from Democrats and a few Republicans. Last week House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who refused to allow a House vote reauthorizing the benefits, said that some unemployed people want to "just sit around" instead of trying to work.

The number of long-term unemployed in the country has fallen to 3 million, down from a high of 6.6 million in 2010. While some are finding jobs, others are no longer counted as unemployed because they've given up looking for work. Economists are unsure how much the decline in long-term joblessness owes to people finding jobs.


Breaking Up With Barack Obama...

Great video by Americans for Shared Prosperity

"In 2008, I fell in love..."


Al Gore At Climate March In NYC Talks About Renewable Energy Before Hopping Into a Gas-Guzzling SUV

Gore in a Prius?
Gore in a Nissan Leaf?
Nope, Al Gore gets into a big Chevy Suburban LT

Kerry Picket
Former Vice President Al Gore made his exit from Sunday's climate change march in New York City in a Chevrolet Suburban SUV after speaking to reporters about renewable energy.

Gore asked a security officer, "You want me here?" before stepping into the SUV, which appears to be a Suburban LT model, as seen in a logo behind the passenger door Gore entered. It is unknown if the large Chevy SUV was a flex fuel vehicle.

Breitbart News asked the environmental activist about the financial costs of renewable energy, as well as his own house—a mansion in Nashville which has previously been criticized for the amount of energy it reportedly uses. Gore simply replied, "Hundred percent."

Gore marched with global warming protesters at the People's Climate March along with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, among various celebrities. De Blasio praised Gore's work during a press gaggle at the march.