Jon Karl Grills WH Press Secretary on Whether Hillary Clinton Violated The MOU (VIDEO)

Josh Earnest continues to dodge, referring ABC's Jonathan Karl to the State Dept

KARL: We now know that $2M in donations from Uranium-One came into the Clinton Foundation that were not disclosed...That doesn't concern the White House at all?


Dog the Bounty Hunter: I'm a Republican But No Way Marco Rubio Will Beat Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Dog tells the Fox panel no, I am not endorsing Hillary Clinton. But 'I want someone in there with experience'

---> You have to wonder if this view of Rubio by Dog Chapman is held by a lot of people out there. That is,  Rubio being a first term senator and only 43-years-old could hurt him in the General election is he were the Republican nominee, even if, even if Hillary Clinton is a calculating, power hungry lying deceiver who will say anything to get elected.

Does he have a point here?


Judge Napolitano on Clintons: FBI MUST Investigate

"If the foreign policy of the United States was influenced by donations to the Clinton Foundation or fees paid to Bill Clinton...The FBI must commence an investigation as to whether or not there was active or passive, known or unknown bribery in this case"

Napolitano also talks about RICO


Boehner Video Shows Him Working on His Lawn Mower

No joke:

Boehner's YouTube page
"He may be the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, but he still irons his own shirts, washes his own dishes, and yes…cuts his own grass. But a well-kept yard requires well-kept tools, so in the video, Speaker Boehner preps his push mower for the springtime"



Flashback 2007: Hillary Clinton on 'The Ellen Show' Says She Does NOT Support Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

 Here's a flashback...
Clinton on the Ellen program September 2007. She is for civil unions but against gay marriage. "Marriage should be left to the states....That's the appropriate place for this to be in"

Ellen: Do you think a candidate can support gay marriage and still win?
Hillary: 'I don't know'


Caught on Video: 12 People Injured, One Critical After Stage Collapse at High School Play

WESTFIELD- (Fox 59 Indy) More than a dozen people were injured in a stage collapse at Westfield High School’s auditorium Thursday night.

Police say at least one person is critically injured. The school was hosting the play “American Pie.” The stage collapsed as students were dancing on it during the closing number of the show.

School is expected to be in session Friday.

See video of the stage collapsing below:

Chris Baldwin, Westfield Washington Schools Executive Director of Human Resources, said about 75 students were involved in the school production, and that the collapse happened during the close of the show.

Another video-


VIDEO: Carville on MSNBC Calls 'Clinton Cash' Author Peter Schweizer A 'Gay Glenn Beck'

In this interview on MSNBC's Ed Schultz, Carville is nothing more than a bubbling buffoon trying to make excuses for Hillary Clinton. He fails miserably trying to defend her. It is quite obvious that Team Clinton's back is against the wall on these new allegations.

Even by James Carville standards, this was bizarre. Toward the end of his appearance on Ed Schultz's show today, Carville called Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer "this anti-Disney, gay bike bar Glenn Beck or whatever this guy is."

Maybe Carville will come back and explain what he meant. It's true that Schweizer was a contributor to one of Beck's books. And Schweizer is the author of "Disney Betrayed," which criticizes the company for various things including sponsoring "Gay Days" at their parks. But a casual viewer might well have come away with an entirely different understanding of what Carville was implying


Krauthammer: What Strikes Me is the Unbelievable Arrogance of the Clintons Who Fully Expect to Get Away With This

Charles: They think in the end they're gonna get away with it. Then next year, the Clintons will say 'this is old news'

That is a great point. The Clintons have a long history of sailing right through a scandal that would sink any Republican instantly. We'll have to see if this scandal sticks around

Krauthammer on 'Clinton Cash'


Obama Makes Deflategate Joke While Hosting New England Patriots at the WH

Gronk wonders if O was drunk-

Tom Brady wasn't around to hear President Barack Obama's deflate-gate joke during the New England Patriots' visit to the White House.

The customary trip to the White House for the NFL champions came on Thursday. Brady, the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, didn't go because of what was described as a "prior family commitment," according to CSNNE.

"I usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events, but with the Patriots in town I was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat," Obama said to uncomfortable laughter and groans from the Patriots players and coaches behind him.


Rush: Obama Adm Behind The Leaks - "He Damn Well Doesn't Want The Clintons Coming In and Unraveling His Agenda"

Rush on his radio show today says President Obama doesn't want the Clintons back in the White House because they will come in and 'unravel' his agenda.  Rush believes Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett are behind these latest Clinton leaks. 
Listen to the Audio:

RUSH: "I have warned you, I have guided you, I have trained you to look at news in such a way as to see angle in it that destroys us, and many of you are doing that in this case. And I do not blame you, but I don't think that's what's happening here yet. I think the Regime is behind these leaks. I think the Regime, Valerie Jarrett, they know what's on that server of Hillary's. They knew what she was doing.

There's no love lost between these two, make no mistake about it. And I think, in the pit of his stomach, the last thing Obama wants is the Clintons back in the White House toying around with his agenda and maybe trying to tweak it, change it, get rid of it, whatever, for them to take credit for whatever comes next. Because, believe me, both Obama and the Clintons are obsessed with getting credit for what they do. And the last thing Obama wants -- he's not even worried about the Republicans right now. 

But he damn well doesn't want this Clinton pair coming in and unraveling his agenda, and he doesn't trust 'em"


Van Jones Pushes Elizabeth Warren Run at MoveOn Event in NYC (VIDEO)

MoveOn.org Political Action have launched 'Run Warren Run'—a campaign focused on encouraging far-left lib Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the presidential race.

At their event 2 nights ago, in New York City, Van Jones, who worked in the Obama WH pushed hard for Warren to get into the race.

Van Jones: "Can you imagine Elizabeth Warren on that debate stage? "You're not gonna show up to debate Elizabeth Warren w/o eating your Wheaties"
He points out that Barack Obama was an 'asterisk' at this point in the race in 2008

Full endorsement of Warren if she runs....Sorry Hillary.


Gary Hart: I'm Supporting Martin O'Malley If He Runs in 2016

Another Dem says no thank you to Hillary Clinton.

washingtonpost reported
Gary Hart, the presidential hopeful for whom Martin O’Malley toiled more than 30 years ago, plans to support the former Maryland governor if he moves forward with a 2016 White House bid, Hart said Wednesday.

“I’m obliged to, if nothing else, because he supported me,” Hart said in an interview, adding that “it would be helpful to have generational change.”

O’Malley, 52, has said he will decide by the end of next month whether he will challenge Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination. He is 15 years younger than Clinton, the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady.

“Times change,” said Hart, 78, a former Colorado senator. “The next decade is going to be a different world than the Clinton years.”


Video: Jimmy Fallon Showcases Obama’s Facial Expressions

Jimmy Fallon just can’t get enough of President Obama’s facial expressions.

The comedian featured another segment of “Obama expressions” on Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

The various expressions include the “Bitch, Please,” the “Heeeyyyy” and the “Sup, Bae?”