VIDEO- Bernie Sanders Yells At Pro-Hamas Protester at Town Hall: "Shutup! You Don't Have The Microphone"

Bernie Sanders town hall erupts into a heated exchange between the Lib Senator and some in the audience over Gaza rockets fired into Israel

Sanders says (correctly) that missiles are coming from the populated areas of Gaza and that tunnels are being used for 'military purposes.'  That's when people in the audience start shouting

'Excuse me! Shut Up!'


Rush: Obama May Be Perfectly Happy With Republicans Winning Control of the Senate (AUDIO)

Rush calls this 'made to order' for President Obama

Listen to the audio from today's 3rd hour


Tom DeLay Rips Rick Perry Indictment- 'Absolutely' a Political Witch Hunt

Tom Delay on Fox and Friends, who had the same unit indict him in 2005 says he warned Republicans that they could be next if this public integrity unit, which is a division of the DA in Travis County is not reformed. He tells Steve Doocey that criminal indictments are how they intimidate elected officials in the state legislature and the governor.  Delay believes this is nothing more than a personal vendetta on Rick Perry

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Monday sharply criticized the Texas county prosecutor's office that indicted him and more recently fellow Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, calling the case against the governor a “vendetta” and another example of the “criminalization of politics.”

In an interview with FoxNews.com, DeLay attacked nearly every aspect of the prosecution’s case against Perry -- suggesting it was political retribution for the governor's attempt to remove a county district attorney with a criminal record and a “conspiracy” likely traceable to Washington Democrats.

“There is no doubt [the case] is politically motivated,” he said. “Once again, the district attorney of Travis County presented a case, not unlike mine, that was very weak, if it was a case at all. … It’s a conspiracy to use the legal system to politicize politics.” (Fox News)


Watch- CNN's Don Lemon Gets Pushed By Police

Just as CNN’s Brianna Keilar threw the report to Don Lemon, who was live from the street in Ferguson, Missouri early Monday evening he told her, “I think we’re about to be arrested.”

Lemon did not end getting detained by officers there, but they did attempt to physically push him back away from CNN’s camera, shouting, “Move out of the way, sir. Move!”

“We’ve been standing here all day,” Lemon continued to report as the officer moved him and other protesters back.

Video- Protester Holds Up #ISIS Sign During CNN Report in #Ferguson


“ISIS is here”

A Bizarre report. CNN's Jake Tapper walks with protesters down the street.  Behind him is an #ISIS banner while he's interviewing a man who has the word 'Murderer' written on his hat. ???


#Ferguson- Reporter Arrested By Police During Live Streaming Report

Cop: 'Officers told you to leave numerous times, move out of the lot, move out of the area'

Reporter: 'I had an earpiece in my ear'

This was last night-


Jon Ralston: Hillary Clinton Should Be "Embarrassed" For Demanding "Royal Treatment"...

Jon Ralston blast Hillary for her 'royal' demands after a report in Sunday's Review Journal showed Clinton wanted a presidential suite, adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her staff, a Gulfstream 450 and $225k for her to give a 90 minute speech at the University of Nevada- Las Vegas

He says she's asking for all this while students at that same University struggle.

Great ending to Ralston's commentary- "Who gets to hold her crown while she speaks?"


Johnny Manziel Flips Bird to the Washington Redskins Bench During Monday's Preseason Game

Screen grab-

Way to begin that NFL career Johnny.

LANDOVER, Md. -- Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel extended his middle finger toward the Washington Redskins bench after a third-quarter incompletion during Monday night's 24-23 preseason loss.

Manziel flipped the bird toward the Redskins after the play that unfolded in front of Washington's bench. Manziel said he had "words exchanged" with the Redskins and that he should have been smarter.

"I felt like I did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night, and you have a lapse of judgment and slip up," Manziel said.

Asked in his postgame news conference if he thought it was wrong, Manziel smiled before laughing.

"I mean, I didn't think it was positive," Manziel said, before adding he couldn't blame it on distractions, repeating he had simply lost his composure. Manziel was not penalized, though he could have been for unsportsmanlike conduct or taunting.

The NFL no doubt will review the tape, and Manziel will be subject to an $11,025 fine. He can appeal his first fine, and it can be limited to 25 percent of a weekly check of close to $6,200.

Video from last night's game-


Watch- MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Gets Rocks Thrown at Him by Ferguson Protesters

Protesters wearing masks start throwing rocks during Hayes live report from Ferguson.

Hayes is there with another reporter from MSNBC

'They're chucking rocks at us'



Video- Gov. Chris Christie Busts a Move on the Dance Floor at Charity Fundraiser in the Hamptons

Not just Chris Christie,  Sen. John McCain does the robot at the 2 minute mark, no kidding.

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie busted out his best dance moves at a party in the Hamptons.

Christie was seen at the Apollo benefit at Ronald Perelman's East Hampton estate over the weekend.
The governor, who was a guest of Jon Bon Jovi, was egged on by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as he gyrated his hips in front of the crowd.

Arizona Senator John McCain got in on the action also by doing the robot with Foxx.


Obama vs. Obama on Iraq

June: 'There's not gonna be a military solution to this problem, there's no amount of American Firepower that's gonna be able to hold the country together'

Today: "Over the last 11 days, American airstrikes have stopped the ISIL advance and pushed back the terrorists"