CNBC's Joe Kernen to Ted Cruz: 'Could You Win in 2016?'

Cruz: Well, if we don't nominate a conservative, Hillary Clinton will be the next president

Ted Cruz said in a CNBC interview Thursday that the only way for his party to win back the White House is to nominate a conservative in 2016, or else Hillary Clinton will win.

“We need to learn from history,” Cruz said on Squawk Box. “One thing is clear. If Republicans run another candidate in the mold of a Bob Dole or a John McCain or a Mitt Romney, all 3 aree good and honorable men … we will end up with the same result, which is millions of people will stay home on Election Day.  If we run another candidate like that, Hillary Clinton will be the next president"


Krauthammer: Obama Won't Apologize For 'Chickens**t' Comment Because He Supports it

"Everybody knows it’s how the president thinks about the Israeli leadership"
Charles talks about Israeli/U.S. relations at the 2:30 mark

KRAUTHAMMER: There is no doubt that what we saw is an accurate reflection of what they think. That’s the reason they won’t offer an apology. Everybody knows it’s how the president thinks about the Israeli leadership under Likud, under Bibi.

So we know that there's sort of veracity underlying it. You're not supposed to say it. You're supposed to deny it when of course it becomes published. But this is the tension between them. This is the worst of the relations between administrations, Israeli and American probably in 50 years …
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RNC Ad: Democrats Sure Like to Insult Republican Women

Great montage from the RNC-



Mary Landrieu Blames Obama Disapproval in South on Racism (Video)

Nope. Nothing to do with his policies. It's about race.

This Hail Mary is going to fall incomplete on election day this coming Tuesday.

Either this is Landrieu’s attempt to gin up black voter turnout and to generate women voters to support her, or this is an off-the-cuff gaffe. I think it is a big gaffe either way. The Louisiana Senator, who is a woman and has been elected three times, is calling her own constituents racist and sexist. Louisiana voters ought to turn out and throw her out of office by such a large margin it will make her head spin


Landrieu's Republican opponent Bill Cassidy responded last night on Fox News Kelly File-
He blasts Landrieu for bring race into debate in the final days of the campaign-


Video- Hillary Event For Maryland Democrat Shows Sections of Empty Seats

(Screen grab)

This is today at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown.

The event, held inside Ritchie Coliseum shows sections of empty seats on one side. On the opposite side, a good chuck of the seats (40 of them, I counted) are taken up by the high school band that was invited for some reason (probably to fill seats). Above the band are more empty seats.



Robert Reich MoveOn Video- If Republicans Take the Senate, Their 'War on Women' Will Get a Big Boost

Robert B. Reichhhhhhhh cuts another ad for the far left MoveOn.org. This time he warns what's at stake if Democrats lose the senate.

War on Women is gonna get worse. Scary.


Michael Jordan: Obama Is A 'Sh*tty Golfer' (Video)

MJ: 'I'm just sayin'

TPM reported:
Given the chance, basketball icon Michael Jordan would not hit the green with President Barack Obama.

Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad asked Jordan who his dream golf foursome would be in a Wednesday interview on the Back9Network golf channel. Jordan said he'd play a round with golf legend Arnold Palmer and the President, then quickly took it back because he said Obama would be too slow.

"I never played with Obama, but I would," Jordan said. "But nah, that's okay, I take him out. He's a hack, man, I'd be all day playing with him."

"Do you really want to say that? He's the President of the United States, he's a hack?" Rashad asked.

"Don't worry about it," Jordan said. "I never said he wasn't a great politician, I'm just saying he's a sh*tty golfer."



The Yard Sign For a ‘Candidate’ We Can All Support But Can’t Vote For (Photo)

A lot of yard sign out there. But this one's the best


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Poll: 80 Percent Want People Returning to the U.S. From Ebola Hot-Zone Quarantined


27% say foreign travelers from West Africa shouldn't be allowed into the United States at all

President Obama is doing reasonably well on this whole Ebola thing -- at least on the public relations front -- but another new poll suggests Americans want him to take actions that he has resisted so far.

The poll, from CBS News, shows a whopping 80 percent of people want American citizens and legal residents returning from West Africa to be quarantined until it is determined that they are Ebola-free. Another 17 percent think they should be allowed to enter the country if they are symptom-free at the time.

The poll, notably, did not specify just how long such people would need to be quarantined -- about 21 days -- or where they would be quarantined. (Such specifics could conceivably reduce support.)

The poll echoes a Washington Post-ABC News poll from earlier this week that showed support for restricting entry from those same countries at 70 percent.
CBS reports on the new poll-


Kerry Condemns 'Chickens**t' Comment: 'It Is Disgraceful, Unacceptable and Damaging'

Secretary of State John Kerry today addressed that anonymous comment from a White House official calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “chickenshit.”

A report earlier this week quoted at least one official calling the Israeli leader a coward for not standing up to his political base and doing what’s right for his own people. Kerry says he doesn't know who these anonymous people are that keep getting quoted in articles.


Radio Host Mark Davis on Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox: 'She Owes It To The Country to Shut Up and Accept the Quarantine'...This is a 'Horrible Show of Self-Absorption'

She should be given credit for going to West Africa to help people suffering from Ebola.

But somehow that caring attribute 'did not make it through customs' when she came back- Radio Talker Mark Davis says