John Kasich to CNN: Yes, I'd Go to a Gay Wedding

Seems like that's the first question out of the box from the lib media now to every single Republican candidate. They are looking for Republicans who will say 'no I won't' so they can brand them an intolerant hater.  Kasich tell CNN that not only would he go, he plans on attending a gay friend's 'wedding' in the near future. Kasich says that his friend knows where he stands on the issue of gay marriage

He talks about a 2016 run also and says he wouldn't do it if he didn't think he could win.

Here's Kasich with CNN's Sara Murray


Krauthammer: 'Decimated' Al Qaeda is Probably Stronger Than It's Ever Been

Al Qaeda has captured the airport in Mukalla in Southern Yemen, in addition to a seaport and oil terminal.

Charles responds-


Dick Morris: How Do You Know When Hillary's Lying? Her Lips Are Moving

If anybody should know that long list of Hillary lies, it's Dick Morris. He reminds us of all the falsehoods Hillary tried to get away with over the years, a few I've forgotten about.



VIDEO: MRC's Dan Jospeh Finds College Students Who Want to Raise the Minimum Wage to $50 an Hour

MRCTV traveled to George Mason University in Northern Virginia to see if they could get students to sign a petition to call on Congress to raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour (about $104,000 a year). Here's what happened



Huckabee on Fox News: I'll Make An Announcement About a 2016 Run on May 5th in Hope, Arkansas (VIDEO)

'Probably a pretty good chance he's in the race if he's making the announcement in Hope, Arkansas.
Huckabee lays out a possible path to the nomination here on Special Report-

If I had to bet, I'd say Mike Huckabee will not be the Republican nominee in 2016. Outside of Iowa, and maybe South Carolina, what states can he win? The evangelical vote will only get him so far and it will be much tougher for him this time around. Not only will Rick Santorum be competing for those votes, but Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Scott Walker, both of them are the son of a Pastor.

Also, Huckabee left the Governor's office in January of 2007, over 8 years ago.  I don't see Huckabee's path to the nomination.

Laura Ingraham agrees: The idea that Mike Huckabee is going to be President of the United States? That's not going to happen

"I like Mike (Huckabee) a lot, I think he’s really strong. But he would probably do better serving conservatism if he had run for one of the two open Senate seats in Arkansas over the last several years. He decided not to do that, and had a great show on Fox. But the idea that Mike Huckabee is going to be President of the United States? I’ll predict that that’s not going to happen”


Kimmel Man on the Street Asks People to Comment on Fake Hillary Clinton Logos

Jimmy Kimmel: We went out on the street and asked people what they thought about a bunch of fake Hillary Clinton campaign logos we made up



Car Bomb Kills 3 At U.S. Consulate in Iraq (VIDEO)

A car bomb killed three people on Friday outside the U.S. consulate in Erbil, the capital of Iraq's Kurdistan region, a ally of Washington in the war against Islamic State, which claimed the attack.

No U.S. personnel were hurt in the blast, according to the U.S. State Department, which said a "vehicle-borne improvised explosive device" exploded right outside the entrance to the heavily fortified compound.

Kurdistan is an important partner for the U.S.-led coalition in its campaign to "degrade and destroy" the Islamic State group, which overran large parts of Iraq last summer and threatened to reach Erbil.

A Reuters witness heard the blast, which was followed by gunfire and a column of black smoke high above the Ankawa district, a predominantly Christian neighbourhood packed with cafes popular with foreigners.
ISIS claims responsibility


Boehner on 2016 Republicans: We Have A Lot of Good Candidates, But I Do Like Jeb Bush

Speaker Boehner also says friend of 30 years John Kasich would be a great candidate, but we've got a lot of good ones.

"What she gonna do for America?"
Boehner on Hillary: The email scandal will haunt her until she comes clean

"I think that the fact that she won’t turn over her server, the fact that she’s ignored the law when it comes to how she was supposed to communicate as the secretary of state, those questions are going to continue to haunt her until she comes clean"


Iraqi Commander in Ramadi: We've Been Sending ISIS Coordinate Positions To The Joint Command Center, But There Have Been NO Significant Airstrikes

"We need coalition support"

If you think we're not really hitting ISIS with all we could in Iraq, you are right. Just listen to what this commander says.

CNN's Arwa Damon talks to Major Aref al-Janabi on the edge of the city of Ramadi, He says he regularly provides the joint command center with coordinates for ISIS positions, but so far there have been no significant air strikes or reinforcements.

He shows the CNN reporter the ISIS location, he points, right over there, beyond the tree lines. 1 Kilometer away he says, (little over 1/2 mile). But there's been no help from the coalition.

Watch this report-
There is no question, the Iraqis fleeing Ramadi are on their own


Reporter Covering Hillary in Iowa: Clinton Cruised Right On By Everyday Iowans Waiting To Talk to Her

Megan Murphy, Washington Bureau Chief for the Financial Times tells Scarborough that there were a "ton of people" including elderly people in wheelchairs waiting to talk to Hillary in Iowa and she just 'cruised' right on by at one of the events.

She was on Morning Joe--


Greta: Harry Reid Chosing to End His Career Like a 'Loser'

Greta blasts Reid for his comments about the 2016 Republican candidates