David Gergen Reacts To Obama ISIS Admission: “Whooaaa”...“That's Highly Unorthodox For a President to Confess”

David Gergan- Not something you do.


REPORT: Pope Francis 'In Crosshairs Of ISIS'

Francis, 'the greatest exponent of the Christian religion' is an ISIS target according to a new report

VATICAN CITY (CBSDC/AP) — A new report claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is targeting Pope Francis — a report that the Vatican says is simply not true.

According to Il Tempo, Israeli sources reportedly told the Italian newspaper that the pope is “in the crosshairs of ISIS.” The report stated that Francis is being targeted because he is “the greatest exponent of the Christian religions” and the “bearer of false truth.”

The Vatican, though, denounced the report.

“There is nothing serious to this,” Father Federico Lombardi S.J., a Vatican spokesman, told Catholic News Agency. “There is no particular concern in the Vatican. This news has no foundation.”

The Catholic News Agency reports that Italy has issued a nationwide terror alert, despite no imminent threats or specifics about a potential attack on the country.

On Friday, Britain raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe, meaning that a terrorist attack is considered highly likely.


Flashback Obama 2013: We Need Make Sure We Have a 'Strategy' To Confront Al Qaeda Splinter Groups

Obama gets a question from ABC's Jonathan Karl on 'core al-Qaeda being decimated.'
The president says yes, al-Qaeda has been decimated but there are regional organizations that still pose a threat and we should have a strategy.
This is over ONE YEAR ago-

PRESIDENT OBAMA Aug. 9, 2013 WHITE HOUSE: "What I said in the same National Defense University speech back in May that I referred to earlier is that core al Qaeda is on its heels, has been decimated. But what I also said was that al Qaeda and other extremists have metastasized into regional groups that can pose significant dangers.

And I’d refer you back to that speech just back in May where I said specifically that although they are less likely to be able to carry out spectacular homeland attacks like 9/11, they have the capacity to go after our embassies. They have the capacity, potentially, to go after our businesses. They have the capacity to be destabilizing and disruptive in countries where the security apparatus is weak. And that’s exactly what we are seeing right now.

So it’s entirely consistent to say that this tightly organized and relatively centralized al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11 has been broken apart and is very weak and does not have a lot of operational capacity, and to say we still have these regional organizations like AQAP that can pose a threat, that can drive potentially a truck bomb into an embassy wall and can kill some people.

And so that requires us, then, to make sure that we have a strategy that is strengthening those partners so that they’ve got their own capacity to deal with what are potentially manageable regional threats if these countries are a little bit stronger and have more effective CT and so forth"


Ed Henry Grills Josh Earnest on Lack of Strategy Against ISIS

Big h/t to Ed Henry for the question of the day-

This is what Obama said one year ago.

Josh Earnest basically just starts rambling trying to answer this one


Cameron: Britain Raises Terror Threat Level

'Substantial' to 'severe'

The British government today raised the threat level for international terrorism to “severe,” indicating a terrorist attack is “highly likely” but, based on intelligence, not necessarily “imminent.”

U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May released a statement Friday saying the increased threat is “related to events in Syria and Iraq where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West, and that some of those attacks are likely to involve fighters who have travelled from the U.K.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron said it was the first time in three years the threat has been raised to such a level in the U.K. (ABC News)


Watch- Cameron gets it-
“What we’re facing in Iraq now with ISIL is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before"
"This is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore"


'Significant Increase' in Terror 'Chatter' as 9/11 Anniversary Approaches

That is not good.

The Blaze
U.S. intelligence has picked up increased chatter among Islamist terror networks approaching the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and amid the continuing battle for supremacy between Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, current and former U.S. officials told TheBlaze.

“We’ve noticed a significant increase in chatter among Islamic terrorist organizations overseas both on the Internet and phone lines,” said a U.S. government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter.

“This is certainly concerning, but as of yet we can’t pinpoint what or if they are planning a particular attack. We did see this kind of increase in chatter before the September 11 attacks. We just hope the public continues to remain vigilant.”

Intelligence agencies have registered similar spikes in threats to the U.S. ahead of previous 9/11 anniversaries. Adding to the concern, however, is Al Qaeda’s competition for dominance over the Islamic State, after the two terror groups had a falling out of sorts earlier this year. “Core” Al Qaeda is led by Ayman al-Zawahri, who is fighting to maintain leadership with Muslim followers from his base in Pakistan.

The Islamic State, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has defied orders from Zawahri and his brutal tactics have gained him prominence on a global scale with young Muslims.


Congressman Louis Gohmert on Obama's 'Don't Have a Strategy Yet' Comment: ‘We Have Barney Fife Running Our Foreign Policy’

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss President Barack Obama’s statement today that he does not have a strategy on ISIS.

“He did say we don’t have a strategy, but he followed that up by saying the strategy is to nip it in the bud. Well unfortunately, it’s not in a bud, it’s full blossom. And you know who made that line famous? Barney Fife. We have Barney Fife running our foreign policy now.”

Watch Gohmert on with Eric Bolling-


4-Year-Old Preschooler Expelled Because Of His Mother's Facebook Post (Video)

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Mother writes on Facebook: "Are people working in the education field really just that ignorant?"

One Florida mother's Facebook status didn't go over so well with her son's preschool.

Mother Ashley Habat recently complained on Facebook after the Sonshine Christian Academy didn't give enough notice about picture day. Even though Habat said her Facebook post was private, she still tagged the school, and the next day she was reportedly told by school administrators that the school would not be a good fit for her son, according to Jacksonville, Florida outlet WJXT-TV.

In the post in question, Habat asked: “Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will's School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

A letter of dismissal given to Habat from the school said her “relationship with Sonshine did not get off to a very good start the first day of school," stating that she "utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff.

These actions are also consistent with sowing discord, which is spoken of in the handbook you signed." The school did not respond to requests for comment from The Huffington Post.


Caught on Video- Heavily Armed SWAT Team Bursts Through Gamer’s Door With Guns Drawn After Prank Call About a Shooting

A dangerous prank prompted a SWAT raid on a Colorado gamer Wednesday, when an anonymous caller told police he had shot multiple people at an office building.

Heavily armed police burst through the door of an office in Littleton, where gamer Jordan Mathewson was playing Counter-Strike, reported KMGH-TV.

Mathewson — who calls himself “Koostra” online — is part of a gamers group called The Creatures, who livestream video of themselves playing against one another online, and he recorded the entire incident.

In video posted on YouTube, the gamer suspects he may be the victim of a “swatting” prank because he can hear officers clearing the building outside the office door.

“There’s a somewhat, not really common, prank that happens,” said Daniel Gidlow, another member of The Creatures. “While we’re live streaming to thousands of people, somebody calls the cops.” (via RawStory


The guy removes his headphones just as police enter with their guns drawn and order him to the ground. At least five officers surround him, he is handcuffed. 
This is all the result of a prank call.


VIDEO-- Obama: 'We Don't Have a Strategy' to Fight ISIS


Then get one! Come off the golf course, sit down with senior military advisors and come up with a plan to immediately hit ISIS camps, ISIS targets, ISIS command and control and every convoy of vehicles that's carrying a black flag. How hard is this? We need a freaking 'strategy' on the way forward?

Uhhh, we don't have a strategy yet. Take your time genius.

ABC News
President Obama admitted today that his administration does not have a strategy in combating the militant Islamic group ISIS that has grabbed large chunks of Iraq and Syria.

The president said he would be meeting today with the National Security Council.

“The options that I’m asking for from the Joint Chiefs focuses primarily on making sure that ISIL is not overrunning Iraq,” Obama said using another acronym for the militant Islamic group ISIS.

"We don’t have a strategy yet. We’re seeing some news reports suggesting we are further ahead than we are,” he said.

Obama said he is dispatching Secretary of State John Kerry to the area to work with allies, and ordered Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to prepare “a range of options” as he considers future military action.

“As commander in chief, I will always do what is necessary to protect the American people,” he said during a news conference in the White House briefing room. “Our military action in Iraq has to be part of a broader comprehensive strategy


Just Back From a 16-Day Martha's Vineyard Vaca, Obama Heads Out Again For 2 Fundraisers

What a leader we have!

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