Hillary Clinton’s State Department Forced U.S. Ambassador To Resign For Using Private Email

State Department in 2012: Use of private email a no no.

Federalist reported:
Although Hillary Clinton and her allies may be claiming that her private e-mail system is no big deal, Hillary’s State Department actually forced the 2012 resignation of the U.S. ambassador to Kenya in part for setting up an unsanctioned private e-mail system. According to a 2012 report from the State Deptartment’s inspector general, former U.S. ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration set up a private e-mail system for his office in 2011.

The inspector general’s report offered a scathing assessment of Gration’s information security practices — practices that are eerily similar to those undertaken by Clinton while she served as Secretary of State

The inspector general’s report specifically noted that Gration violated State Department policy by using a private, unsanctioned e-mail service for official. In its executive summary listing its key judgments against the U.S. ambassador to Kenya who served under Clinton, the inspector general stated that Gration’s decision to willfully violate departmental information security policies highlighted Gration’s “reluctance to accept clear-cut U.S. Government decisions.”

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Flashback Hillary Clinton: I'm "The Most Transparent Person In Public Life"

Here's Hillary Clinton in 2008



Napolitano: Hillary Clinton May Have Committed ‘Felony’ Over Emails

Judge Napolitano says "she's in a lot of trouble legally" because she may have retained classified materials outside government computers. Secondly, Clinton may have knowingly or willingly destroyed or concealed government records, which is a felony

On Wednesday night, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano issued a blistering critique of Hillary Clinton’s ongoing controversy surrounding the use of a private email account while she was Secretary of State. Appearing on  The Kelly File, Napolitano argued that  Clinton may have committed a “felony” and “the other way that she’s in trouble is a person who knowingly and willfully destroys or conceals government records.”

Napolitano then went on to suggest that if Clinton knowingly destroyed government documents on her private email account, she may have committed a felony, which would disqualify her from serving in elected office


Girlfriend of Slain Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov in Hiding

Ukrainian Model Anna Duritskaya has left town, erased all social media profiles and stopped answering her cellphone

latimes reported:
Anna Duritskaya apparently was so afraid that she skipped the Moscow funeral of her slain lover to flee under diplomatic escort to her native Ukraine..

The mystery that lingers: Who might do her harm?

The 23-year-old girlfriend and sole known witness to last week's slaying of Russian opposition leader Boris Y. Nemtsov is in hiding after flying to Kiev following three days of interrogation and just hours before the outspoken Kremlin critic was laid to rest Tuesday in a funeral that drew thousands.

The actress and model has erased her social media profiles. She doesn't answer her cellphone. Shortly after she arrived in Kiev, Ukraine's capital, to calm her anguished mother, the two slipped out of their apartment, which has been besieged by media since the Friday night assassination.

Russian media have portrayed Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, the girlfriend of slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, as a terrified woman exposed to the dangerous consequences of a liaison with an enemy of Russia.

Nemtsov's killing by as-yet-unidentified assailants has stunned an already rattled political opposition in Russia and stirred accusations that his contract-style slaying in the shadow of the Kremlin was politically orchestrated, perhaps by loyalists of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: ‘Obama Would Not Shed A Tear’ If Israel ‘Disappeared From The Face Of The Earth Tomorrow’ (VIDEO)

"Let’s face it. If Israel disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, Obama would not shed a tear,” Col. Ralph Peters said.

Peters claimed that the administration has accepted that Iran will get a bomb, but it wants a “decent interval of denial” between Obama’s presidency and then.

Peters called Obama “a spiteful failure as president” and told Sean Hannity that he’s ashamed and embarrassed by Obama. 'He is incapable of learning, we have to recognize that,” Peters said. “Six years into his term, he still thinks he can make friends with Iran. It is stunning.”


Ben Carson On Hannity Radio Program: The Media Wants to Talk About Gay Rights Everytime I'm Gaining Momentum, I'm Not Gonna Fall For It Anymore [AUDIO]

"It was a 25 minute interview and you see what part they emphasized"  Ben Carson said about the CNN interview this morning with Chris Cuomo where he talked about homosexuality being a choice.

Carson says he will no longer discuss gay rights after this interview on CNN and also says no more taped interviews, only live ones that can't be edited down


Federal Prosecutors: Boston Bomber Tsarnaev ‘Decided To Place His Bomb Right Behind A Row of Children’

After detonating the bomb near the finish line,  Tsarnaev went to the store to buy milk

Boston Herald
Federal prosecutors today kicked off the long-awaited trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with a devastating chronology of his alleged actions on the day of the bombings that killed three and wounded 260 — as defense attorneys freely admitted “it was him.”

“He decided to place his bomb right behind a row of children... one of them was Martin Richard,” federal prosecutor William Weinreb said during opening statements at the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston. “When he was a safe distance away, he detonated his bomb ... Some bled to death on the sidewalk as the defendant ran away.”

Then, Weinreb said, Tsarnaev went to Whole Foods to buy milk. Weinreb also read aloud part of the message Tsarnaev allegedly scrawled on the inside of the boat he hid in as police scoured Watertown for him.

“He believed that killing Americans” would secure him a place in heaven, Weinreb said.

Weinreb told the jury — 12 jurors and six alternates, comprising 10 women and eight men — that bloody gloves found in Tsarnaev’s car contained the DNA of MIT police officer Sean Collier, who was executed as he sat in his police cruiser.


New Defense Secretary Ash Carter: It Was a ‘Mistake’ to Have ‘Blurted Out’ Mosul Military Plans

In February, CENTCOM outlined a plan to use approximately 20,000 to 25,000 Iraqi and Peshmerga troops to move on the city of Mosul (this coming spring) to retake it  from an estimated 2,000 ISIS fighters. They made the plan public for some unknown reason.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter calls it a mistake.

Fox News
The new leader of America's military admitted it was a "mistake" for an officer to have "blurted out" plans for an Iraqi-led ground offensive in Mosul during a recent media briefing.

That highly unusual briefing, in which an officer revealed the U.S. wanted the Iraqis to launch the offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State in April or May, raised concerns over the level of detail provided -- and also was criticized as giving inaccurate information.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, testifying Tuesday on Capitol Hill, said the information should not have been provided, accurate or not.

"That clearly was neither accurate information, nor had it been accurate would it have been information that should be blurted out to the press," Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "So it's wrong on both ... scores."

Carter said it's important to be open, but "not with military secrets and not with war plans, which is the mistake here."


New York City Schools to Add 2 Muslim Holidays to Public School Calendar

Let's add the Muslim Day of Sacrifice to the school calendar to show how diverse we are.

Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City public schools will observe two Islamic holidays, starting this year. Students will be given the day off on two Muslim holy days: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

While the mayor said the policy is being created to reflect diversity in the city, critics of the plan are quick to question whether giving students more days off from school is the best decision.

Mr. de Blasio announced the new policy early Wednesday morning on Twitter.

The addition of two Muslim holidays to the school calendar makes the NYC public school system the largest district in the country to observe the holidays, celebrated by millions of Muslims around the world


Chris Christie Hits a New Low In New Jersey

Chris Christie's numbers have really plummeted. He's at 4% in Iowa according to a QPoll. 5% nationally according to the latest PPP poll.  The only place where he's even close is in New Hampshire, where he's 4rd, trailing Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Rand Paul (NBC/Marist)

Now he has record low approval in New Jersey--

politico reported:
Gov. Chris Christie is facing record-low approval levels among New Jersey voters, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

Only 35 percent of registered voters in the Garden State say they approve of the Republican governor’s job performance in the Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey, compared to 51 percent who disapprove.  
Those figures mark the lowest approval and highest disapproval ratings recorded by the survey center. In January, 39 percent said they approved of his performance and 47 percent did

The poll, conducted Feb. 23-March 1, surveyed 709 registered voters in New Jersey


RNC: America Can't Trust Clinton

RNC uses clips of Chris Cuomo, Ron Fournier, Lawrence O'Donnell and others including NBC Senior Political Editor Mark Murray to blast Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account when she was SOS



Quinnipiac: 62% Want U.S. Troops on the Ground to Fight ISIS

Not even close.

A significant majority of Americans support sending U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS, a new poll has found.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, 62 percent of those surveyed believe ground troops should be sent, compared to 30 percent who are opposed.

The strong support for troops holds across all party, gender, and age group demographics, although a higher percentage of men, or 68 percent, back troop deployment compared to 57 percent of women.

The poll also found that an even larger majority of Americans are "very confident" or "somewhat confident" that the U.S. and its allies will defeat ISIS. Specifically, 69 percent of Americans say they will.

Just 39 percent of voters are concerned that American military action will go "too far" in its involvement in the situation, but a majority of voters, or 53 percent, are concerned that the military "will not go far enough in stopping ISIS."

And 64 percent, compared to 23 percent, say Congress should grant the authorization for the use of military force as was requested by the president.


Krauthammer: It's As If the Clintons Are Entitled To Their Own Rules

Foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and now using her own private email while she is Secretary of State.

This is a pattern. Charles calls it 'Clintonian'...