Photo: Obama at the White House Tweets 'Hello Spring'

Obama at the WH yesterday enjoying this spring weather

Actually, spring sprung 5 years ago, when this photo was taken-

“It was a glorious spring day and President Obama decided to move his meeting with his senior advisors outside to the Rose Garden.”- May 20, 2009
(Official White House photo by Pete Souza via flickr )


Obama Adm. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Post Remains Unfilled

At the National Prayer Breakfast on February 6th, Obama said is he 'looking forward to appointing a new ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom'
The office within the State Department develops policies regarding religious freedom and monitors religious discrimination and persecution worldwide

Here we are 2 months later and the post remains unfilled. President Obama could name somebody today, but refuses to do so.

 President Barack Obama nominated Doctor Suzan Johnson Cook to be his Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, but not surprisingly, that nomination didn't come until almost a year and a half after being sworn-in in 2009.

Religious persecution around the world and protecting religious freedom are not high on Obama's list.

Fox New Bret Baier has the details-

Criminal With Long Rap Sheet Yawns at Judge, "I Don't Care, Man"

Judge reacts:
"Oh, don't worry, sir. I heard you yawn, but don't worry. You won't yawn in just a minute. Trust me on that one"

 "I can guarantee you won't be stealing anymore after this conversation" says Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley

This is great-


MSNBC's Schultz: Harry Reid is Exactly Right, Cliven Bundy Is Without a Doubt a Domestic Terrorist

"Harry Reid has every right to criticize this rouge lawbreaker"

"Tell it like it is Harry"..."He is without a doubt a terrorist"


Veteran ‘NBA on TNT’ Reporter Craig Sager Diagnosed With Leukemia

Anybody that follows the NBA has seen Craig Sager for quite some time

The 62-year-old veteran sportscaster is being treated for acute leukemia, according to tweets from his son, Craig Sager II, on Thursday night. He will miss the NBA playoffs according to reports.

via Hollywoodreporter
The sports world received sad news about its most colorful personality on Thursday night, when Craig Sager's son revealed that the Turner Sports reporter has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Sager, 62, has been famous for his bright suits and bubbly personality while commentating courtside at college and NBA basketball games for the past two decades, along with covering football, golf, baseball and horse racing.

According to his son, Craig Sager II, the veteran sportscaster will begin two to three weeks of treatment for acute leukemia on Friday.

bleacherreport has more


Guess Who Is Calling the Decision to Delay the Keystone Pipeline 'Irresponsible' and 'Unacceptable'

Midterm Mary.

Fox News Bret Baier with the details and the statement from Landrieu this evening


Video: How They Got a Ford Mustang Atop the Empire State Building

Ford is celebrating the Mustang’s 50th anniversary in style. In addition to the cross-country tour, Ford will repeat the feat it used to introduce the Mustang convertible 50 years ago — setting it on top of the Empire State Building for the New York Auto Show, April 18 through 27.

Most people thought - by helicopter
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Obama Administration To Extend Keystone XL Comment Period, Delaying Decision Until......After the Mid-Term Elections

What a shock. After years of debate, more debate is needed

(Reuters) - The U.S. State Department will on Friday extend the government comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline, said sources familiar with the plans, likely postponing a final decision on the controversial project until after the Nov. 4 midterm elections.


Lib Radio Host: Right-Wing Talkers Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck Egged on Jewish Community Center Shooter

Liberal host Mike Malloy: 'They've been pumping this into the culture for years now, just egging them on, pushing them and pushing them'



Florida Governor Rick Scott Dismisses Charlie Crist’s Challenge As “Laughable” (Video)

The gloves have officially come off in the 2014 gubernatorial race between Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

This past Monday, while Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera was speaking to Reporters after Crist’s appearance at the Forum Club of Palm Beach, Crist casually walked up and crashed Lopez-Cantera’s press gaggle, openly challenging Rick Scott by telling reporters “give me Scott.”

Governor Scott is now dismissing Crist’s challenge as “Laughable.”

Rick Scott:
That’s laughable. He has a primary. He still has a primary with Senator Nan Rich. I am sure its going to be enjoyable to watch his debates with Nan Rich, but he still has to get through his primary
via Shark-Tank