ISIS May Have As Many As 24 Western Hostages

The Islamic State has pocketed an estimated $45M so far from countries paying ransoms

Fox News Catherine Herridge reports that ISIS has dispersed the remaining hostages they have to multiple locations after the Obama Administration released details of the July mission to rescue journalist James Foley. Nice job guys.

mirror.uk reported:
Mostly aid workers and journalists, the number of hostages is also estimated to include a few British jihadists who wanted to return home after being reluctant to commit murder

It is feared Islamic State holds at least 24 western hostages, including Britons.

Mostly aid workers and journalists, their identities are often kept secret by their home nations in case details about them become bargaining chips for their captors.

France, Spain and Italy have reportedly paid ransoms to free hostages and fighters have pocketed an estimated £45million.

When aid worker David Haines was taken at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria’s Idlib province last year, he was snatched with co-worker Federico Motka from Italy. Motka was released last May.

In August, Italian aid workers Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo, 21, were grabbed in Aleppo.

Two Spanish and four French journalists have been freed this year. IS is also holding a 26-year-old American woman who was doing humanitarian work.


Schwarzenegger Had Maria Shriver Removed From Official Gubernatorial Portrait

Photo- Area on lapel that was scrubbed

Fox 40
An image of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s then-wife, Maria Shriver, was scrubbed from his gubernatorial portrait, a source at the Capitol confirmed Thursday.

The portrait was finished while Schwarzenegger was still in office. Shriver’s face appeared on a lapel pin in the painting, but a FOX40 source says that pin is now just a smudge.

“We haven’t talked about lapel pins and I don’t know anything about it,” one Capitol tour guide said.

Neither the portrait, nor the story of the Shriver smudge, are official parts of the Capitol tour yet.

“Honestly, they could have painted over it a little better,” Patti Aresty, a visitor from the east coast, said Thursday. Schwarzenegger and Shriver split in 2011, after 25 years of marriage

Watch the report- People saying they could've done a better job covering it up. It looks like a smudge on the portrait


VIDEO- Jay Carney on the Midterms: ‘It’s Not Going To Be a Good Year for Democrats’

"There no outcome in November that anybody could say would be great for Democrats"  -Former WH Spokeskid Jay Carney on CNN

Former White House press secretary Jay Carney predicted on Sunday the November midterm elections are going to be tough for Democrats.

“It’s not going to be a good year for Democrats by definition,” Carney said on CNN's “State of the Union.” “The sixth year is always particularly bad for a president’s party.”

There isn’t an outcome in November that people will say is great for Democrats, he said, except if they barely hold on to control of the Senate and don’t lose many House seats.

As for the Republican hopes during the election, Carney said if they retain control of the House and win the Senate, it could impact their favorability with voters.

“The problem for Republicans, if they win, is Americans begin to think ‘We hate Congress’ and it’s now clear that one party is in control of Congress,” Carney said.

Carney on CNN SOTU: Best case scenario is Dems barely hold onto the senate


PHOTOS- 'Goodell Must Go' Banners Fly over NFL Stadiums


In the wake of the latest developments in the Ray Rice situation, banners reading "Goodell Must Go" have been spotted flying over a few NFL stadiums on Sunday.

The picture above shows a plane with the banner flying above MetLife Stadium before Sunday's Arizona Cardinals-New York Giants game.

A banner was also spotted above Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium


Video- Dem Senator Dick Durbin Cuts Off Interview over Questions About ISIS Taking Over Iraq

ABC20 (Springfield) to Senator Durbin: Many critics said, these terrorist groups in Iraq are gonna sit back and wait, and when we pull out they're gonna strike. Are they right?

No more questions. The senator has to go--

Watch- Reporter: 'My interview was abruptly terminated'


Nancy Pelosi: 'Civilization As We Know It Would Be In Jeopardy' If The GOP Wins The Senate

The latest predictions have Republicans picking up 6 seats which would give them control of the senate.

Pelosi: Civilization in jeopardy

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned Friday that "civilization as we know it would be in jeopardy" if the Republican Party recaptures control of the US Senate later this year.

Pelosi appeared on HBO's "Real Time" Friday, when host Bill Maher asked her why he should "care" what happens in the election because of Washington's perpetual, never-ending gridlock.

"What do I care if they lose the Senate?" Maher said.

"It would be very important for the Democrats to retain control of the Senate. Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if Republicans win the Senate," Pelosi said, smiling.

" This and ISIS are threatening civilization. Oh, no," Maher said, referring to the extremist militant group.

"Yeah, it is really important," Pelosi said, laughing. "But let's not put ourselves to the stipulation that we're not going to win the Senate. Let's instead work really hard. The fact is that it's all about turnout and many people want to support the Democrats. We just have to make sure that they turn out for the election."


Huckabee Easily Tops GOP Field in Iowa with 21%

Mike Huckabee nearly laps the field with 21% of all registered Republicans saying they would support the former Arkansas governor if the 2016 Iowa caucuses were held today. I'm not sure why Huckabee would run in 2016 though.  In 2012, he said of running for president, "All The Factors Say Go, But My Heart Says No"

If his heart's not in it, he shouldn't run.  He will lose.

Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton are leading the way among Republicans and Democrats in Iowa in the latest poll on the 2016 presidential primary.

If the Republican presidential caucus were held now, Mike Huckabee would win 21 percent of the vote in Iowa; Clinton would win 53 percent, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Rep. Paul Ryan, at 12 percent, is on Huckabee’s heels, followed by Rand Paul (7 percent), Jeb Bush (6 percent) and Chris Christie (6 percent). Fifteen percent had no opinion.

Clinton far outpaced other potential Democrats. Her next closet challenger was Vice President Joe Biden at 15 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (7 percent) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (5 percent) followed Biden. Twelve percent had no opinion.


34 Million Watched Obama's Wednesday Night Speech on ISIS

About 1 million more than watched the State of the Union

President Barack Obama's speech Wednesday night about the U.S. plan to combat the Islamic State, a group that gained notoriety after the brutal murder of two journalists, drew 34 million viewers, according to numbers released by Nielsen.

That figure is slightly higher than the 33.3 million people who tuned in for the President's State of the Union back in January, which at the time was the lowest-rated State of the Union since President Clinton's final address in 2000.

Fox News led the cable networks, with the 15-minute speech bringing in 4.45 million Fox viewers. MSNBC and CNN received 1.89 million and 1.83 million viewers respectively. In the key 25-54 age demographic, Fox News attracted the same number of viewers as CNN and MSNBC combined (994,000 versus 633,000 and 361,000). In all, 14 networks carried the address.

On the social side, Obama's speech sparked 234,000 Tweets — more than the season finale of Teen Wolf , but fewer than the number sent during latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, according to Nielsen figures. Oh, Twitter.


Photos- Pope Francis Visits WWI Battlefield Where His Grandfather Fought

Pope Francis does the sign of the cross as he visits an Austro-Hungarian cemetery in Fogliano di Redipuglia, northern Italy, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014. Pope Francis will confront a piece of his own family history when he visits a World War I memorial Saturday built amid the battlefields where his grandfather fought in the brutal Italian offensive against the Austro-Hungarian empire, surviving to impress upon the future pope the horrors of war. Francis’ aim is by recalling those who died in the first World War that broke out 100 years ago is to honor the victims of all wars, and it comes at a time when his calls for peace have grown ever more urgent amid new threats.  (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)      


ISIS Executes British Aid Worker David Haines

The video calls Haines' beheading "a message to the allies of America"

It is produced similarly to the videos showing the executions of 2 American journalists. The executioner is the same ISIS Jihadist

(CNN) British aid worker David Haines appears to have been executed by ISIS militants, according to a video posted Saturday to a website associated with the group, making him the third Western captive to be killed by the Islamist extremist group in recent weeks.

The ISIS video post showing Haines' apparent beheading called his execution "a message to the allies of America."

It is produced very similarly to the videos that showed the executions of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, the last of which included Haines and the threat that he'd be killed next.

The new video pictures a masked ISIS militant placing his hand on another captive, whom he identified as Alan Henning, a British citizen.
I put these 2 photos side-by-side


South Carolina: Pastor Serving Jail Time For Loud Church Service (Video)

Johnnie Clark, pastor at  Rehoboth United Assemblies Church in Columbia, South Carolina was jailed after being found guilty of violating the city's noise ordinance 

It is really hard to believe some of the headlines we've seen in recent days...

A South Carolina church pastor was sentenced to jail Thursday after being found guilty of violating city noise limits.

Pastor Apostle Johnnie Clark leads the Rehoboth United Assemblies Church in Columbia. According to The State newspaper, the church has been in its current location for more than 25 years, however recent development in the area has brought the church into conflict with some of its new neighbors.

The Pentecostal worship service is known for singing, shouting, dancing and drumming. According to WLTX-TV, the police have been called to the scene more than 50 times.

On Thursday, after a three-day trial, a judge found Clark guilty of unlawful sound amplification. The State reports Clark was sentenced to one day in jail while WLTX-TV reports Clark will serve two weeks in jail.

A search of the Richland County inmate roster shows that Clark is currently detained at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

In an interview with WLTX nearly two years ago, Pastor Clark said, "I am sorry we don't worship the Lord quietly and that is everyone's preference how you worship the Lord. We just happen to be a Pentecostal apostolic church and our praise is very vocal to the Lord."


Watch the report- 2 weeks behind bars. The complaints about the noise came mostly from one neighbor