'There is No Place For This Kind of Tyranny in This Hemisphere': Flashback 2008- When Candidate Obama Blasted the Castro Regime

"I will not stand for this injustice"

Tough talk on Fidel Castro, tough talk on Cuba when you're speaking in South Florida and your audience is Cuban Americans and you're looking for votes.

Obama at the Cuban Independence Day luncheon in 2008 at the Miami Intercontinental Hotel.

Obama: "Throughout my entire lifestyle there has been injustice and repression in Cuba. Never in my lifetime have the people of Cuba known true freedom. Never in the lives up two generations of Cubans have the people all up Cuban on Democracy. This is the terrible and tragic status quo but we have known for half a century. Of elections there are anything but fair,  of dissidents locked away in dark prison cells for the crime of speaking the truth.  I won't stand for this injustice"
2008: Cuba was a tyrannical regime that must be dealt with.
TODAY: He's shaking hands with Raul Castro, normalizing diplomatic relations, taking Cuba of the terror list and talking mutual respect.