Utah Governor Signs Bill Allowing Executions By Firing Squad

Firing squad will be used as a back up of method of execution if the state can't get doses of lethal injection

Salt Lake Trib
Gov. Gary Herbert signed into law Monday a bill to make firing squads the state's back-up method of execution — used whenever the state is unable to obtain drugs needed to perform lethal injections.

The Republican executive signed the firing-squad bill despite international attention on the state as it becomes alone in allowing that method of execution. (Oklahoma authorizes execution by firing squad only if lethal injection and electrocution are found unconstitutional, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.)

Numerous groups called for a veto, but Herbert signaled last week that he was leaning toward signing it.

"Those who voiced opposition to this bill are primarily arguing against capital punishment in general and that decision has already been made in our state," Marty Carpenter, spokesman for Herbert, said Monday. Utah is one of 32 states with the death penalty.