Raw Video: Pope Francis Accepts a Pizza While Riding in the Popemobile

Waiting for the Pope with a homemade pizza.
 'Surprising how easy it is for these guys to get close to him

Employees with Pizzeria Don Ernesto in Naples, Italy, heard that Pope Francis enjoys pizza, so they made a very special delivery.

As the Popemobile passed through Naples on Sunday, restaurant co-owner Enzo Cacialli hopped a barrier and personally handed His Holiness a pie.

It wasn't just any 'za, though. The restaurant prepared a specialty white and yellow pizza, the colors of the Vatican, featuring yellow cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, along with dough lettering that spelled out "(Viva) il Papa" or "Long live the Pope."

As Pope Francis accepted Cacialli's gift, the crowd cheered.  No word if the pontiff actually ate the tasty tithe.