Rand Paul Jabs Ted Cruz on 'Winnability': This Race Is Not Just About Who Can Excite the Base, But Who Can Bring New People In

RAND: "Right now, I'm the only one who beats Hillary Clinton in certain purple states. I'm the only one who scores above all the other Republicans in whether or not I can beat her" (Clinton)

Paul tells Megyn Kelly that he and Ted Cruz differ on how to expand the party to win in 2016

Rand Paul wasted no time taking on Ted Cruz, questioning the Texas senator's "winnability" and appeal to a broad cross-section of voters.

In a Fox News interview hours after Cruz officially declared his presidential candidacy, Paul made clear he'll fight his colleague about who can best put together a winning coalition for both the GOP nomination and the general election.

"I guess what makes us different is probably our approach as to how we would make the party bigger," Paul told Fox News. "And I'm a big believer that you should stand on principle and be true to your principles, but I also think we should take those principles and try to bring in new people with them."

Paul, a Kentucky senator expected to announce his presidential bid on April 7, said that means "maybe not just throwing out red meat but actually throwing out something intellectually enticing to people who haven't been listening to our message before."

Cruz, in his own Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, said he believes he's the best Republican to grow the party